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Article: How to prepare your skin for this summer correctly

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How to prepare your skin for this summer correctly

At the end of spring, temperatures begin to rise, the sun's rays become more powerful and your skin begins to undergo some changes. 
Summer is coming soon, and that is why we recommend that you act to protect your skin for this summer.
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Below, we list the 7 most important tips to prepare your skin for summer and achieve healthy and radiant skin this season, both on your face and on your body. 
1. Proper facial cleansing 
With changes in temperature, humidity, and with the increase in sun rays, your skin becomes stressed. Also, with the heat, we tend to wash our faces more.
A conventional facial cleanser can be very aggressive, and can add additional stress to your skin. Use only the most respectful facial cleanser possible.e: without sulfates and with pH 5. 
La creamy texture our face cleaner Extra Gent's, And its skin protective ingredients, make it the ideal product to keep your skin healthy, free of impurities and protected for the summer. 
Men's facial cleanser
2. Exfoliate your skin weekly 
By exfoliating your skin, you will remove dead cells and help it regenerate. you can use our X-Foliate both facially and physically
Facial scrub for men
3. Controls fat secretion
 In summer they begin to come out shine and excess oil secretion it is more obvious. That is why our facial line has sebum-regulating ingredients, which do not dry out, they only regulate the excess oil secretion of your skin. 
We recommend our Cool Splash, it is super refreshing and with its easy-to-apply spray, it acts as alarm clock of your skin
Men's facial toner
4. Use a proper sunscreen
Start to protect your skin from the sun as soon as possible, not just to go to the beach. Our new sunscreen stick, allows you to be protected every day in a natural way and without shine. 
In addition to being a high protection (SPF 50), its touch of color is ideal for cover spots, wrinkles and blemishes skin. 
Biodegradable stick sunscreen
5. Hydrates, hydrates and rehydrates 
That's how it is. Wash your face every morning and every night before going to bed to remove toxins and pollution. And always moisturize your face with the texture that best suits your skin in Gel or Cream, after your facial cleansing.
Anti-aging cream for men
6. Specific action
Detect which are the weak points of your skin, and do not let the summer aggravate them. Use a specific serum with anti-aging properties to address specific issues, whether they are spots, wrinkles, sagging, open pores, acne or sensitive skin. 
Our two serums Dark Spots Fighter y Skin Recovery Serum will give your skin a anti-aging boost adding specific treatments according to what you want to enhance. 
If you need to know which are the most suitable products for your skin type, you can do our skin test.
It is a 2-minute questionnaire with which you will know what type of skin you have, and you will obtain a personalized facial routine for you. 
Anti-aging facial serum for men
7. Body care
The skin is the largest organ in your body and you must take care of it. She protects you and you must protect her too.
summer, frequent showers increase, so it is essential to use a respectful and calming shower gel like ours Manly One
is formulated without sulfates and with pH 5, as well as having great soothing ingredients like aloe vera, calendula, and chamomile. 
A well hydrated body skin will always be better prepared for exposure to the sun.
Use a petroleum-free body cream and with nourishing and toning ingredients for the skin of your body such as our Bare Man.
Body lotion for men
In summary, all these tips will help you: 
- keep your skin healthy, preventing it from becoming unbalanced and redness, flaking, etc. do not appear. 
- Show off skin with super good looking, just as you deserve.
- anti-aging action. If you take care of your skin properly, you delay the signs of aging by preventing the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, spots, etc. 
Ultimately, PREPARE now your footl so you don't have to repair later. 
Men's facial care

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