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Article: The best ways to supplement your anti-wrinkle cream for men for better results

How to complement your anti-wrinkle cream for men?

The best ways to supplement your anti-wrinkle cream for men for better results

If you are concerned about appearance of signs of aging on your face, like wrinkles, skin sagging, spots, etc. and you care about the care of your skin using a Anti-aging cream, you are on the right track to maintain a younger and healthier appearance.

However, for maximize the benefits of your Anti-aging cream, it is important to complement it with other facial care products and habits.

In this article, we present you the best ways to complement your Anti-aging cream to obtain better results, from the appropriate care according to the type of skin to the incorporation of specific serums and other essential products.

    1. Identify your skin type: Before selecting complementary products, it is essential to know your skin type. You can have oily, mixed skin, normal skin, Dry Skin, sensitive skin o acne prone skin. This will help you choose the right products and personalize your facial care routine. You discover what type of skin you have in this article, or you can do our skin test to obtain a personalized facial routine

    2. Cleansing: We will never tire of repeating that you should always clean your face before applying your Anti-aging cream. We have an article on our blog dedicated to explaining the importance of facial cleansing. A specific facial cleanser for men will remove the excess fat, dirt and impurities accumulated on the skin. Use a mild cleanser so as not to irritate her. Wash your face twice a day, in the morning and at night, to maintain clean and balanced skin.

    3. Scrubbing: exfoliation once or twice a week helps remove dead skin cells, revealing a smoother, renewed appearance. Uses a natural scrub designed for men like ours X-Foliate, whose apricot seeds are ground to the size of the men's skin needs. Proper exfoliation also helps prepare the skin for better absorption of subsequent products. Keep in mind that exfoliation should be done in a circular fashion and with a gentle massage. Avoid rubbing forcefully. 

    4. anti-stain serum: If you have spots dark on your face, consider incorporating a Dark Spots Serum in your routine Look for a specially formulated serum for men that will help reduce the appearance of blemishes and even out skin tone. apply the serum after the facial cleansing., before you Anti-aging cream.

    5. Pore ​​refiner serum: If you have enlarged pores, a pore refining serum is the product you need. This type of serum Helps minimize the appearance of pores, reducing excess oil and improving skin texture. Use it after Dark Spots Serum and before the Anti-aging cream.

    6. anti-acne serum: If you have acne-prone skin, consider adding a anti acne serum to your routine. Look for products with ingredients like cannabidiol and succinic acid, which help control excess oil and prevent breakouts. apply the anti acne serum after the facial tonic and before the Anti-aging cream.

    7. Serum for sensitive skin: If your skin is sensitive, opt for a serum specifically formulated for sensitive skin with calming and prebiotic ingredients like our Skin Recovery Serum It helps reduce redness on the skin. apply the serum for sensitive skin after the facial cleansing. and before the Anti-aging cream.

    8. Eye contour: The eye contour It is an essential product in your face care routine. The area around the eyes is delicate and the most prone to the appearance of wrinkles, scholarships y shiners. apply a specific eye contour for men, since it is formulated to treat the most common signs of aging in this area. Our Eyes-On-Me It has a metallic roll on to gently massage the eye contour thus promoting circulation and helping to reduce signs of aging.

    9. SPF 50 sun protection: Sun protection is essential to prevent damage caused by UV rays and prevent premature aging of the skin. Use a protector solar with a sun protection factor SPF 50 and apply it generously to your face before going out into the sun. Use only one natural sunscreen, with physical protection filter (non-chemical), such as our Organic Sunstick, whose packaging is biodegradable and leaves no white trace.

      Our sunscreen, having a touch of color, is also perfect to camouflage spots, wrinkles and expression lines in your face It is also very easy to apply compared to the other sun protection sticks on the market, which are usually quite hard. Our Organic Sunstick spreads and applies very easily leaving a very attractive matte finish.

Observe the changes in your skin as you follow your face care routine and adjust products as needed. With a suitable combination of Anti-aging cream and other complementary products, as well as healthy habits, you will be able to show off softer, younger and more radiant skin.


In conclusion, to obtain the best results when complementing your anti-wrinkle cream for men, it is important to identify your skin type and its main needs in order to select the specific products you need. Incorporate your face care routine, suitable serum, eye contourand sun protection SPF 50, will help maximize the benefits of your Anti-aging cream.

Do not forget to adopt healthy habits to further enhance the results. Take care of your skin and feel confident in your appearance!

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