Anti-aging cream for men

 How to choose and how to use your anti-wrinkle cream

As we have already explained in other articles, men's skin has specific characteristics, which make the facial aging process, as a general rule, in men different from that of women.

Men's skin is usually thicker and with a higher degree of sebaceous secretion than women's. For this and for other hormonal reasons, the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of facial aging in men's skin usually appear later than in women.

However, men's skin ages faster. That is why prevention in facial care is so important to delay this process of appearance of wrinkles and facial aging as much as possible. 

In this sense, the use of an anti-wrinkle cream is very important. But since there are many doubts and questions related to the use of a anti wrinkle cream on man skin, in this article we give you the necessary answers and advice so that you know how to take advantage of your Anti-aging cream, enjoy its benefits and improve your facial appearance. 

In any case, if you have more questions related to the use of an anti-wrinkle creamDo not hesitate to leave your comments, doubts or questions below. With pleasure, we will answer you in the comments and we will expand this article with more answers. 

anti-aging cream for men

At what age should I start using an anti-wrinkle cream? 

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is From what age should you start using an anti-wrinkle cream?. Our answer is that you start using a Anti-aging cream as soon as possible. It goes without saying that the best treatment is good prevention.

It is much easier to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, or to treat the current ones so that they do not get bigger, than to remove them completely, something that is always more complicated. 

So if I'm only 18, can I use a wrinkle cream?

Yes, it is always better to start using an anti-wrinkle cream before they appear, as a preventive measure.

If you are reading this article and you are over 18 years old, know that you can start using a Anti-aging cream. Of course, it is important that you choose a texture that suits your skin type.

Keep reading below, where we explain the type of texture that best suits your skin type.

Anti-aging cream for men

What type of anti-wrinkle cream should I choose for my skin type?

To choose a good anti-wrinkle cream, you must take into account two factors.

On the one hand, its composition or ingredients, and on the other hand, its texture.

The first essential factor when choosing my Anti-aging cream.

Regarding its composition or ingredients, our recommendation is that you only use a facial cream that is formulated no petroleum oils such as paraffins, silicones, petroleum jelly, etc. 

These petroleum-derived oils are used today in almost all cosmetic brands, because they are very cheap ingredients for the manufacturer, but are not appropriate for your skin, since in the first place they make an occlusive layer and this means that they do not let your skin breathe. This is not healthy, and can result in the appearance of comedones (pimples or acne).

In addition, as a consequence of this occlusive layer, your skin's own hydration will rise to the upper layers of your skin. causing dehydration in the lower layers. And as you well know, if what you want is to prevent skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles, you should not let your skin dry out, being good hydration the fundamental aspect for the health of your skin.

Natural anti-wrinkle cream for men

Petroleum-derived oils do not allow the active ingredients contained in the anti-wrinkle cream to penetrate properly. We in our Anti-Stress, instead of using oils derived from petroleum, we use only vegetable oils (that is, oils derived from plants), whose fatty acids are more similar to the fatty acids of our skin, allowing the absorption of the active ingredients of the cream to be greater, and therefore becoming our anti-wrinkle cream, not only in a natural wrinkle cream but also one Anti-aging cream more effectively than conventional ones.

In addition, the vegetable oils that our Anti-aging cream They are in themselves great active ingredients, since these vegetable oils contain vitamins, proteins, phytosterols, amino acids, etc. The vegetable oils that we use are cold pressed to keep all their properties intact.

On the other hand, petroleum-derived oils used by conventional (non-natural) cosmetic brands, They are inert oilsThese are by-products of oil refining (oil is refined to turn it into gasoline, diesel oil and others). The word "inert" means "without life" because they do not have any active ingredient for your skin.


best wrinkle cream for men

The second essential factor when choosing my anti-wrinkle cream

The second vitally important factor is choosing an anti-wrinkle cream that has the right texture for your skin type. 

To know what type of texture is best suited to your skin type, the first thing you need is to know what kind of skin you have. We can classify skin types into 4 biotypes, from higher to lower level of oily secretion:

  • Oily skin
  • Combination skin
  • Normal skin
  • Dry Skin

If you do not know how to recognize your skin type, we recommend this article with questions and answers so that you learn to recognize what type of skin you have. 

anti wrinkle cream for oily skin men
Anti-wrinkle cream for oily skin

For a type of combination skin or oily skin, under normal conditions, we recommend a texture in Gel format, like the one in our Anti-Stress Gel.

Anti-aging cream for dry skin

For a normal skin type or dry skin, under normal conditions, we recommend a texture like the one in our Anti Stess Cream.

Anti-aging cream for men dry skin

However, you should also take into account the weather conditions of your place of residence. The climate in which we live also affects our skin.

If you live in a climate with very marked seasons, we recommend using our gel texture during hot or summer seasons, and our cream texture during cold or winter seasons.


So can I combine an anti-wrinkle gel in summer with an anti-wrinkle cream in winter?

Of course yes. In fact, we recommend combining both textures in the case of having combination skin (which is what is known as "a little oily"), and in the case of having normal skin.

If you have very oily skin, then better to use throughout the year, our anti-wrinkle in Gel format.

If you have very dry skin, then better to use throughout the year, our anti-wrinkle cream.

wrinkle creams for men


How should I apply my anti-wrinkle cream?

For a correct application of your anti-wrinkle cream, it is best to apply the dispenser on the tip of the index finger and apply the desired amount to three points on the face. It is recommended to apply it in the T zone, that is, on both cheeks and on the forehead.

Once the cream has been applied to the 3 points of the face, begin to spread it with the fingertips in a circular manner all over the face. If your skin absorbs it very quickly, it is a sign that your skin is dehydrated and needs extra hydration, so do not hesitate to repeat the application with a little more cream.

Perform a gentle circular massage as you expand the cream until it has been completely absorbed. You will see that both our Anti-Stress Gel and Anti-Stress Cream leave the skin completely matte, that is, without shine, and without the feeling that your skin is oily or sticky. It is a sign that it is a good anti-wrinkle cream formulated for men's skin.

How often should I apply my anti-wrinkle cream?

We recommend that the anti-wrinkle cream should be applied twice a day, in the morning and at night. The ideal is to always apply the cream after a facial cleansing.

If you shower in the morning, we recommend that you use your shower gel on your body and your shampoo on your hair, but do not use a conventional soap or shower gel for your face, as they may contain sulfates or too aggressive a pH for the face

We recommend that once you get out of the shower, wash your face with our Extra Gent's facial cleanser, sulfate-free and pH 5.

After washing your face, you can apply our revitalizing facial spray, or directly our anti-wrinkle (Anti-Stress Gel / Cream), in gel or cream format depending on your skin type.

If you shower at night, then we recommend that you follow the same routine recommended above of facial cleansing + application of Anti-aging cream. The only difference is that you will have to do the facial cleansing after you shower at night and then you can proceed to apply your anti-wrinkle cream.

In any case, if you shower in the morning, don't forget to cleanse your face at night before proceeding to apply your Anti-aging cream. And if you shower at night, don't forget to wash your face when you wake up, and before applying your anti-wrinkle cream.

To make your facial care routine easier, we recommend that you associate it with your oral hygiene. In the same way that you brush your teeth twice a day, you should take care of your skin (cleaning and moisturizing it with Anti-aging cream) twice a day as well.

anti-aging cream for men

I must use my Anti-aging cream every day and how many times a day? Once a day is enough?

You definitely should use your anti wrinkle cream every day. In the same way that you eat every day, and that you wash yourself every day, you should also "feed" your skin with an anti-aging cream every day. In this way you will always keep your skin well hydrated, a key aspect to avoid the appearance of wrinkles. Our anti-wrinkle cream, it will also provide you with the necessary nutrients for the cell regeneration of your skin, as well as to maintain its firmness and elasticity, key aspects to maintain and thus avoid premature aging.

Twice daily?

And in the same way that you should clean your face twice a day to remove toxins from the skin, as well as the contamination that accumulates, it is vitally important to moisturize your skin with a good wrinkle cream after the Facial Cleansing.
Ideally, the process of facial cleansing. with a specific product for the face (without sulphates and with pH 5), morning and night. You can associate this process of facial cleansing with the process of oral hygiene. This way it will be easier for you to remember to cleanse your face every morning and every night, the same way you brush your teeth.
And remember, after cleansing your face, you should always moisturize your skin.

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