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Article: Can men use wrinkle cream? Or is an anti-wrinkle gel better?

Anti-aging cream for men

Can men use wrinkle cream? Or is an anti-wrinkle gel better?

Although it seems like a trivial question, this question is asked by many men.

There are men who say that every time they have tried a conventional anti-wrinkle cream, they have noticed that its texture was too greasy and they had the feeling that after a while their skin sweated, releasing the applied cream to the outside.

And the truth is that these men are right, since almost all of wrinkle creams available on the market are formulated for women's skin, which is usually always drier and less thick than men's skin.

That is why it is important that men use products of the skin care, that are specific to men.

It is not just that the fragrance or the color of the bottle can be different, since at the end of the day, these last two factors are subjective (especially the last one) and should not be relevant.

The type of texture of your Anti-aging cream must be formulated specifically for men's skin.

In our case, we have 2 textures to choose from: Anti-Stress Gel y Anti-Stress Cream.

El Anti-Stress Gel we recommend it for oily and to mixed skin, since its texture is ideal for this type of skin. In addition, it contains tensor active ingredients to prevent premature sagging of oily skin.

And ours Anti-Stress Cream is a wrinkle cream for normal skin or dry skin. She Anti-aging cream formulated for men's skin, and it will always adapt better to your skin than a conventional anti-wrinkle cream. 

It is also important to alternate the texture according to weather conditions.

We have an article dedicated to all the aspects that you have to take into account before purchasing your Anti-aging cream. Click here to discover them.

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