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Article: Gingko Biloba, a great anti-wrinkle ally

Anti-aging cream for men

Gingko Biloba, a great anti-wrinkle ally

Did you know that our Anti-Stress Cream is formulated with one of nature's best anti-wrinkles? That's right, the Gingko Biloba.

Gingko Biloba is a powerful natural antioxidant that prevents premature aging of the skin. In addition, it is a great sedative that will give you firmness and turgor.

Among the many properties of ginkgo biloba, One of them is that it reduces the oxidation of skin cells thanks to its effect against free radicals, allowing a increased skin protection against the harmful effects of pollution, UV rays, etc.

In addition to its large amount of nutrients, is ideal for treat stressed skin or punished by the passage of time. 

Therefore, our Anti-Stress Cream is a great anti-wrinkle cream, due to the great effectiveness of Gingko Biloba, but not only because of this ingredient, but because it also contains Shea Butter (greatly nourishing and regenerating cells), hyaluronic acid of plant origin, Jojoba oil (great firming due to its ceramide content) , and avocado oil, known for the large amount of vitamins it contains to nourish our skin. 

Discover here all our products to treat wrinkles in the skin of man. 100% natural formulas with Bio + Vegan certification. 

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