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Article: Night routine for facial skin care for men

Facial care routine for men

Night routine for facial skin care for men

What is the best facial routine for men before bed

The facial routine that you should perform before going to sleep will depend on several factors such as the type of skin you have, the climate where you live, the time of year in which you are, your age range, and obviously the aspects that most you are interested in promoting (skin saggingspotswrinklesexcess sebumscholarshipsshiners, Etc.). 

Let your face care products work while you sleep

Our recommendation is that you do our skin test to obtain a personalized facial routine according to your needs.

In our Men's skin care facial routine, we do not differentiate between what you should do in the morning and what you should do at night, since ideally you should do the same process 2 times a day: in the morning and at night. 

But we all know that sometimes due to lack of time we do not always do the complete routine, and we stay with the basic ones (cleaning e hydration).
If that is your case, that when you get up in the morning, you are shot like a rocket, then we recommend that you take advantage of the night routine to complete the facial care that you did not have time to do in the morning.

So, there is no difference between the facial routine to do when you wake up, and the facial routine to do before going to bed?

If you do your facial routine both in the morning and at night, then thumbs up 👏👏.
In this case, our advice would be to combine the textures of the Anti-Stress Gel / Cream, using the gel in the morning and the cream at night.
But if due to lack of time or habit, it is difficult for you to carry out the complete routine in the morning, our advice is to carry out only the basic steps when you wake up, and the complete treatment before going to bed. 
Improve your appearance while you sleep
Keep in mind that your skin regenerates while you sleep. So make a night facial care routine It is ideal to help you in this process and thus obtain better results in improving the health and appearance of your skin. 
Example facial care routine before going to bed
In this video you will find an example of a facial routine before going to bed. 
As you will see, we always start with the cleaning and we always end up with our Anti-Stress Gel or Cream
And then depending on what you want to promote, you will use one product or another. In this case, we have opted for our anti-aging and anti-spot serum, ideal for fighting wrinkles while you sleep thanks to its duo hyaluronic complex with high penetration capacity.
So we encourage you to do the skin test, and we remain at your disposal in case you need help to define the best products for your facial routine. 

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