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Article: Can men use an intimate wash for women?

Can men use an intimate wash for women?

Can men use an intimate wash for women?

The intimate area of ​​men has a different pH than women. The pH is the degree of acidity of our skin.

If we use products with a lower or higher pH than our skin, we will destroy its hydrolipidic mantle or natural protection barrier and unbalanced skin is skin that is unprotected or "low defenses".

Therefore, to maintain healthy skin, both in the intimate area and in the rest of the body, it is very important to always wash with a soap that has a pH value as close as possible to that of our skin, which is normally around 5.5.

However, the pH of our entire intimate area (penis, testicles and anus) is not 5.5 as in the rest of our body, but it is pH 7.

On the other hand, women in their intimate area have a pH of 5.5 (except for certain situations such as menstruation, menopause...).

This means that men should not use a woman's intimate soap to wash our intimate area.

We also do not recommend using a conventional shower gel for the same pH reason mentioned above. The optimal thing is to use in the intimate zone of the man a intimate soap with specific pH for men like ours Downstairs Fresh.

We also recommend that the intimate wash Be as natural and respectful as possible. Our intimate wash It is formulated without sulfates.

Sulfates are the ingredient that acts as a "detergent" and can be very aggressive for our skin.

We only use glycosides or sugar derivatives, thus making our intimate hygiene gel as respectful as possible to take good care of the crown jewels.

In addition, with organic Aloe Vera, Abyssinia and Salvia extracts, it makes it an ideal product to clean the male intimate area in the most careful way possible.

If you need more advice on how to take care of the male intimate area, in that article, we tell you. 


What area comprises the intimate area of ​​man?

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