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Article: Fungus in the Intimate Zone of Men: Causes and How to Treat Them

Intimate zone fungus men: causes and treatments

Fungus in the Intimate Zone of Men: Causes and How to Treat Them

The fungi in the male intimate area are a source of itching, discomfort and general malaise.

In this article, we explore the underlying causes of fungus in the intimate area, as well as the symptoms that you must take into account and the essential measures to treat them.

In addition, we provide you with valuable information about the best treatments, possible natural remedies such as essential oils, always keeping in mind that you must have adequate intimate hygiene before applying any product to treat fungus of the intimate area

As intimate hygiene is not trivial, it is vital to use a intimate soap specifically for men, that is formulated without sulfates and without other chemical ingredients that can be too aggressive. 

Keep reading below to discover the best intimate hygiene gel option for men. 

Causes and Symptoms of Fungus in the Male Intimate Zone

Candidiasis fungus

As indicated Mayo Clinic experts, men can also contract yeast infections in the intimate area. 

Excess humidity, heat and an imbalance in the bacterial flora can encourage the growth of fungi, resulting in itch, redness and discharge.

Tinea Cruris Infection

Jock itch, also known as tinea cruris, is a common fungal infection in the groin area. The fungi responsible are similar to those that cause athlete's foot and can spread through warm, moist skin in the groin and thighs.

Balanitis due to Candidiasis

Balanitis, an inflammation of the glans penis, can be caused by fungi of the Candida genus. In addition to itching and redness, there may be swelling and pain at the head of the penis.


This type of skin infection is caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium minutissimum, but can be mistaken for a fungal infection due to similar symptoms, such as redness and irritation in the groin and skin folds.

Symptoms to Watch for

Symptoms include intense itching in the intimate area, redness, skin rashes, burning when urinating, and a general feeling of discomfort in the intimate area.

These symptoms should not be ignored and require immediate attention.

Actions to Take and Avoid in Case of Symptoms

To do

  • Professional Consultation: Given the symptoms, go to a specialized doctor or dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis, or consult your pharmacy. 

  • Intimate wash: Use a intimate hygiene gel for men before applying any treatment. This helps to eliminate unwanted elements such as sweat, bad odors, or unwanted bacteria and the skin of your intimate area it will be prepared to better absorb the treatments.

Intimate gel for men

  • underwear washing: Wash your underwear regularly with hot water. 

what to avoid

  • selfmedication: Do not use products without the supervision of a professional. This could make the situation worse or cause allergic reactions.

  • Intimate relations: If you have fungi in the intimate area, avoid any intimate contact until they have disappeared. 

Effective Treatments for Fungus in the Male Intimate Zone

1. Using a intimate hygiene gel for men

Just the use of a intimate gel it's not going to be enough to get rid of the fungus. However, the use of a intimate gel It is essential before applying your treatment, either a cream, oil or ointment.

El intimate gel that you should use must be formulated for the pH of the male intimate area.

Also you intimate gel It should not contain sulfates or other cleaning agents that are too aggressive for the intimate area. 

Finally, it should not contain petroleum derivatives, such as silicones, or a long list of ingredients to avoid. 

It is best to use a 100% natural intimate gel and certified organic, like our Downstairs Fresh

Remember that before applying your treatment for fungus in the intimate area, you must perform intimate hygiene with a suitable intimate soap


Intimate gel for men

2. Topical anti-fungal treatments

Go to your doctor for a proper diagnosis and to prescribe the best treatment, and to your pharmacy to obtain your anti-fungal treatment.

The most common treatments are those that are applied topically, that is, creams or ointments that are applied to the affected area for a few days, until the fungus disappears.

3. Essential Oils

There are several essential oils with antifungal properties. The best known is tea tree oil (whose scientific name is "malaleuca alternifolia").

You can dilute a few drops of tea tree oil in a vegetable oil (for example, sunflower oil or olive oil) and carefully apply the mixture to the area affected by fungus. 

As a vegetable oil, coconut oil is said to possess antifungal properties as well. 

The use of essential or vegetable oils, should not in any way replace the use of treatment prescribed by a doctor.

In other words, the use of an antifungal essential oil such as tea tree should always be used as an adjunct to medical treatment, and/or at a preventive level, and never as a remedy by itself.  

4. Natural Remedies

There are portals that recommend natural yogurt and garlic because they have antifungal properties. Us No. we recommend the use of these home remedies in the intimate area. 

The best thing is that you put yourself in the hands of a doctor and apply the treatment that he will prescribe to you topically. 


Prevention and Constant Care

Prevention is key to avoid the appearance of fungus in the intimate area.

Keep the area dry and clean, avoid tight, wet clothing for long periods of time, and use a intimate wash for men in your daily hygiene routine.

Remember that medical consultation is essential for any persistent symptoms to ensure that you receive the appropriate treatment.


Fungi in the male intimate area are treatable and preventable. Maintain proper hygiene with a intimate hygiene gel specifically for men, and seek the guidance of medical professionals.

By acting quickly and following an appropriate treatment, you can restore comfort and well-being in your intimate area.

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