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Article: How to take care of men's intimate area?

How to take care of men's intimate area?

How to take care of men's intimate area?

La intimate area of ​​men It presents a series of particularities that make it require special care.

It is an area that with humidity and heat can present problems of a different nature, and for this reason it is very important to pay special attention to its care and to the specific products for the care of both the genital and anal areas.

The first thing to keep in mind is the hygiene of the intimate area. As we mentioned above, it is an area that with the sweat and humidity that is generated, you have to pay attention to its cleanliness.

The problem is that a conventional bar soap or a body wash gel does not have to be the products suitable for the intimate area of ​​men.

It must be taken into account that despite the characteristics of this area, direct contact with organs such as the penis and testicles makes the intimate hygiene products that we use have to be as respectful as possible, since a skin problem on an arm or a leg (of course, never desired) is not the same as in an area as sensitive as the intimate area.


Advice for the care of the intimate zone of the man

That's why our tips to take care of your intimate area are:

1. Use a Specific intimate soap for the intimate area of ​​men. This is so to avoid altering the pH of the intimate area, since men have a different pH than women.

2. Try to make the intimate hygiene soap or gel is formulated without sulfates, since sulfate is an agent that in the long run can be very aggressive for our skin, and even more so in the intimate area.

3. Always use a cleanser or specific soap for the intimate areaDon't use a generic product. Nothing happens once in a lifetime, but cleaning regularly with an inappropriate product can unbalance your skin and in the long run trigger problems, which if we want to avoid them somewhere, it is precisely in the intimate area.

4. Go to your pharmacy and ask for your intimate hygiene gel for men. Even if they don't have it in stock, your pharmacy can get you one through a wholesaler like Actibios (in Spain).

5. If your skin already has problems in the intimate area, we recommend that you go to a dermatologist and follow their instructions.

6. If you use any type of depilatory cream, use it very carefully, and above all, never exceed the time indicated by the depilatory cream brand.

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