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Article: The best facial care in times of intense cold

The best facial care in times of intense cold

The best facial care in times of intense cold

The facial care that you should have with your skin in times of low temperatures

Can your facial cream prevent dehydration of your skin in the winter? The answer is yes . But with some care. 

Men's facial care

In the winter, the cold, the low temperatures, the heating endanger the hydration of your skin. The feeling of dry and dehydrated skin is greater at this time of year.

That is why it is also very important that you facial cleansing be with a respectful cleanser. The exfoliation weekly is ideal to eliminate dead cells, help your skin regenerate, and thus have healthy and beautiful skin throughout the year.

The main factors of dehydration are changes in temperature, wind and showers with very hot water that can be very aggressive for the skin of both the face and the body.

To combat these damages, our Anti-Stress Gel/Cream It is the perfect option for men's skin because it deeply nourishes and hydrates.

It is an anti-aging cream formulated for the needs of men. Contains a wide variety of top quality ingredients that fulfill the function antiaging to prevent the appearance of wrinkles both in young skin and in more mature skin.

Our Anti-Stress Gel/Cream is a anti-aging for all skin types, since you can choose the texture that best suits your skin type (Gel or Cream), which acts both preventively and as an anti-aging treatment for men's skin.

The main tips to enjoy healthy skin during all year are:

  • pick a good one Anti-aging cream like ours Anti-Stress Gel/Cream. Its formula is adapted to the needs of men's skin. 
  • Increase fruit consumption And don't forget to drink water so you don't get dehydrated. 
  • We already know that with low temperatures it is more difficult for us to drink water, but other options such as teas, infusions and soupsThey will help you stay hydrated.
  • Avoid very hot showers too often. The sensation of a very hot shower is very good, but if the water is too hot, it can destroy the hydrolipidic mantle (natural protective layer of the skin), and as a consequence your skin can suffer from redness and flaking, which in the long run It can cause premature appearance of wrinkles. 

cleaning your face it is an essential step, because it prepares the skin to receive hydration. It is very important that you use a facial cleanser free of sulfates, petroleum derivatives, vaseline, etc.

An excellent facial cleanser option is our Extra Gent`s. Formulated with only natural ingredients and formula dermoprotective with aloe vera and organic chamomile.

Do you need more advice on caring for your skin? Do not hesitate to contact us. 

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