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Article: Face creams for men

Face creams for men

Face creams for men

How necessary is it that we use a face cream formulated for men?

In the market we find an endless number of conventional cosmetic products and also natural cosmetics and certified organic cosmetics.

The vast majority of brands claim that their products are unisex and, therefore, their face creams and other facial care products can also be used by men. And they don't lie...

By proxy, men can also use these products, from our point of view "badly called" unisex.

But are these products really formulated for men's skin?

In other articles we have already explained the differences between men's and women's skin, so we will not insist on this article, but the 3 basic characteristics that differentiate Homo Naturals of any "unisex" brand are:

1. The textures
This is the most important feature, since a texture formulated for women's skin can be too oily for men's skin, even if it has been formulated for combination skin.

Keep in mind that men's combination skin will always be oilier than women's.

Sometimes we get comments from men who tell us that until now they couldn't use creams, that their skin brought them out until they discovered our brand.

This comment is very common, because despite the fact that many brands promote their products as unisex, their face creams are formulated for their general public, which is not exactly male.

2. The formulation
Men need specific formulas that adapt to the needs of the specific thickness of our skin, as well as the needs of sebum generation. At Homo Naturals we always say that knowing how to formulate well is like knowing how to play the piano well. Many years of experience are needed to achieve advanced formulas that adapt to the needs of each skin type. 

3. The ingredients
We have an article dedicated to explaining the differences between the ingredients used in natural cosmetics and the differences with conventional cosmetics. Face creams for men should always be formulated without petroleum-derived ingredients. Use facial creams that contain vegetable oils, instead of paraffins, silicone oils, etc. 

However, not all vegetable oils are the same. As an example, we really like jojoba oil since it is a non-greasy vegetable oil suitable for combination skin and oily skin so common in men's skin care. 

It is also very important that creams formulated for men contain sebum-regulating active ingredients to balance excess oil secretion. 

3. The fragrances
Of course, colors are to your liking, and this topic is very delicate, because deep down, nature does not distinguish between masculine fragrances and those that are not.

But it is evident that there are a series of perfumes that men generally like more, and that is why perfume manufacturers focus on the male audience.

It doesn't happen to us that men write to us saying how great our products smell. And that simply because they contain essential oils that are generally more attractive to the sensory.

4. The presentation

This is the least important point of all. Luckily, times have changed, and the color of the bottles and boxes should not be something exclusive to men or women. 

Although more sober colors have traditionally been used in men's cosmetic products, this does not have to be the case. We use the color black, but not because we are a men's cosmetics brand, but because our black glass containers add a distinguished and premium touch to any bathroom or room. 


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