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Article: How to choose a face cream for men?

face cream for men

How to choose a face cream for men?

Three fundamental aspects when choosing your face cream


Choose a face cream formulated for men's skin We have already discussed on several occasions that men's skin has different characteristics than women's.

One of the main characteristics is usually its sebaceous secretion. What does this mean? Simply that men's skin tends to have more sebum (greater oil) and therefore is usually always more mixed than women's skin.

So mixed skin for men is not the same as mixed skin for women?

This is a great question that many of you ask us, since sometimes you are looking for a cream for combination skin, and you find that even using a facial cream for combination skin, it ends up being too oily for men's skin.

This is because mixed skin for men does not have exactly the same characteristics as mixed skin for women.

And the problem is that most facial creams, even if they are for combination skin, are not specifically formulated for men's skin.

That's right, combination skin for men does not have exactly the same characteristics as combination skin for women, just as dry skin for men is not the same as dry skin for women.

This means that when making the decision to purchase facial creams for men, it is important to ensure that they are cosmetic products formulated specifically for men.

That should always be the first reason to choose a face cream.


Choose your facial cream according to your skin type Once you have decided to choose a facial cream that is specifically formulated for the needs of men's skin, the next step to take into account, and now, is the type of skin.

We have already commented in other articles that we can classify the skin into 4 types from more to less sebum: oily, mixed, normal and dry.

If you are not sure what type of skin you have, in this article you will learn how to distinguish it.

For combination or oily skin, we recommend that you use a facial moisturizer in gel format, or "oil-free", as it is absorbed more quickly and its effect will always be more mattifying.

And the most important thing is that it will not give you the feeling that after a while your skin expels it again.

In any case, we have dedicated three specific articles to the care of oily skin for men, since to regulate excess sebum, we also recommend other aspects that you can find in these three articles.

For normal/dry skin, we recommend a specific cream for normal/dry skin for men, since if you use a "unisex" (which is basically formulated for women) it may end up being too oily for you.


Bet on a natural product! Fortunately, the benefits of natural cosmetics are becoming more and more known.

A natural and ecological facial cream is one that is formulated only with plant extracts, vegetable oils and also essential oils, the latter being very powerful plant extracts and with very effective active ingredients.

This means that in a natural cosmetic there are no petroleum-derived products in its excipient, such as the famous paraffins or silicones.

These types of compounds do not provide any active ingredient to your skin, since being refined substances, they do not contain any vitamins, proteins, or any other active ingredient for your skin.

On the other hand, the vegetable oils and plant extracts of a natural and ecological cosmetic product will provide your skin with a whole series of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins, phytosterols...) that apart from nourishing it, will help it to regenerate and improve your appearance to be even more handsome.

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