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Article: Pharmacy skincare for men

Pharmacy male cosmetics

Pharmacy skincare for men

Traditionally, there has been almost no supply of products from male cosmetics in pharmacies.

As well as in perfumeries, it has been a few years since the offer of men's skin care products has been expanding, in pharmacies this process of expanding the offer of products for men has been slower.

Many men still prefer to go to other points of sale to buy their products both personal hygiene, facial care or cosmetics, both facial and body, and that is precisely due to the limited offer that there has been in pharmacies of specific products for men's skin care.

However, when men have a skin problem, especially related to shaving, then we do go to the pharmacy to find solutions for it. rehydrate, soothe and protect the skin of the possible irritations that appear due to shaving.
It must be taken into account that submitting to daily shaving on the skin, sooner or later, can alter the hydrolipidic balance and also its microbiota.
Therefore, from HOMO NATURALS Male Skin Care We recommend using the most gentle shaving products possible that can be found in select pharmacies.

For example, our Extra Gents It allows you to shave in a much more respectful way than conventional foams, since it is not a foam, but has a cream texture and does not contain sulfates, which can be very aggressive for shaving.
In addition, it respects the pH of our skin (pH 5.5) and thus prevents unwanted imbalances.
The advantage of our products is the 2-in-1 functionality that they have, which makes them practical and useful products for men, whether they are bought for their own use or as a gift.
You can find here a section dedicated exclusively to gifts for men.
The 2-in-1 functionality allows you to combine shaving products + facial treatment products in one product.

If you are an individual, you can check which pharmacies you can buy our products in the section where do you buyr.

If you are a pharmacy and you need to recommend cosmetic and skin care products for men, contact contact us.

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