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Article: What is a facial corrector?

Men's facial concealer and dark circles

What is a facial corrector?

What is a facial corrector for?

A facial concealer is a product formulated to hide small skin imperfections.

In our case we call it Eyes-On-Me Camouflage and has a completely invisible hint of color regardless of the color of your skin.

If your skin has an uneven tone and has small imperfections such as acne, eczema, a scar, blemishes, etc, or if you simply notice that your skin has a dull tone and you need to give it a touch of luminosity, our Eyes-On-Me Camouflage is your product, as it is formulated specifically for men in such a way that the hint of color is invisible to the human eye.

What is the difference between a facial concealer and makeup?

Is it the same as makeup?

Un face concealer It can be part of a makeup line but it doesn't have to be makeup.

In fact, our Camouflage We do not consider it makeup because its touch of color is formulated only with natural pigments that blend in with your skin color, and it becomes an invisible product.

El face concealer Gives a touch of luminosity, evens out your skin tone, and if you have shine, it's also ideal for mattifying it.

El face concealer It is also ideal for those days when you have not slept much and need to show off a good face at work, or for when you are going out at night and need to hide the fatigue of day to day, without anyone noticing the touch of color.

In any case, keep in mind that the function of a facial concealer is not to hydrate, nor to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. For that, you will need to apply a good Facial moisturizer specifically for men's skin

If what you need is to hydrate your skin, and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, we recommend you apply our daily Anti-Stress Gel/Cream according to your skin type. Once your anti-aging cream has been absorbed, then you would apply the face concealer on top of your face gel or cream.

How do you apply a facial concealer?

You should always apply your face concealer with your skin clean and hydrated. In other words, the first thing would be to carry out a respectful facial cleansing to remove dirt and impurities from your skin, but with a non-aggressive facial cleanser that maintains your skin's natural protective barrier. 

After your facial cleansing, it is important that you hydrate your skin before applying the facial concealer. Be sure to use a good moisturizer or anti-aging cream that is formulated without petroleum derivatives and with natural assets that help regenerate your skin. 

Our CamouflageBeing a roll-on, it is very easy to apply, since you only have to apply the roll-on on the forehead and cheeks, making soft circles so that its content comes out. 

Once the content is on your face, you should spread it evenly with your fingertips until it has been absorbed. At this moment you will notice that the touch of color has camouflaged with your skin. 

Is it used to remove dark circles?

Our Camouflage It is also ideal for treat and remove dark circles

Treats dark circles because it contains a complex of 8 ideal active ingredients that form a effective dark circles treatment

In addition to the anti-dark circles treatment, its natural pigments are ideal for instantly camouflaging them. 

How do I use my face concealer to remove dark circles?

In this case, you must apply the roll-on directly on dark circles to cover them. Immediately afterwards, with the tip of your little finger, you will give very gentle touches to help the content to be absorbed and camouflage the dark circles. 

If you consider it necessary, repeat this action until the dark circle is camouflaged.


About us

HOMO NATURALS is the first 100% natural men's cosmetics brand. We are specialists in skincare for men, which due to its thickness, firmness and degree of sebaceous secretion, presents specific needs. 

All our products are made with top quality plant extracts, cold-pressed vegetable oils and 100% pure essential oils. 

We do not use petroleum derivatives in our products, nor ethoxylated emulsifiers, nor synthetic perfumes, nor parabens or other controversial preservatives. 

We have a comprehensive facial treatment in 4 steps: face cleaner, Scrub, revitalizing spray y anti-aging to combat wrinkles and signs of fatigue on the skin of man.

It is available in format gel for combination or oily skin, or in format cream for normal or dry skin

If you have doubts about what facial products best suited to your skin type, or if you need a personalized facial routine, do not hesitate to contact us. 

We also have two anti-aging serums with specific treatments, as well as our eye contour. Eyes-On-Me and our face concealer Eyes-On-Me Camouflage

Our products are also the ideal gift for any man

We also have body products such as our shower gel + shampoo, our body cream for men, hand cream, natural deodorants and intimate wash for men. Finally we also have a natural lubricant, ideal to make your intimate relationships more pleasant. 

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