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Article: When is it better to use a face gel and when is a face cream better?

Face creams for men

When is it better to use a face gel and when is a face cream better?

The type of texture of your facial or anti-aging moisturizer that you can apply to your face depends on two factors:

  1. From type of skin that you have
  2. Of the weather conditions in which you live

And this last factor is more important than it seems.

In the same way that we do not feed the body with the same food during the year (in summer we crave lighter and more refreshing meals and in winter foods that help us fight the cold), our skin, as it is the largest organ of our body acts as a protective barrier against external agents, we also have to "feed" it with products with the right texture.

The first thing you should know is the type of skin you have. To do this, we recommend that you answer these simple questions. Alternatively you can also perform our skin test, with which you will get a personalized facial routine in 2 minutes

Once you know the type of skin you have, you must take into account the weather conditions in which you live.

In another article we will talk about how weather conditions affect your skin, and how to make the final decision on the type of moisturizer to use for your skin type.

If you live in the southern hemisphere, it's obviously the other way around, but the strategy of combining face gel or cream depending on the time of year, it is the same.

This is our recommendation according to your skin type and the time of year

Skin type
recommended texture
GEL (but in winter Crema)
CREAM (but in summer Gel)

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