Men's Grooming

What is a facial corrector?

What is a facial corrector for men?

A facial corrector is a product designed to minimize imperfections on men skin. In our case, we call it Camouflage, and has a touch of completely invisible color. So no matter the color of your skin, it has been formulated in a way that it will not be visible to others.

If your skin tone is not very uniform and has little imperfections such as acne, eczema, a scar, marks, etc. or if you simply feel that your skin needs a boost in its tone, our Eyes-on-Me Camouflage is your ideal product, as it has been formulated specifically for men skin.

What is the difference between a facial corrector and make-up?

Beauty products for men

Men are every day more aware that they need to take care of their skin.

We see more and more friends around us and sports, that for instance use a facial or body moisturizer when for after their shower in the men changing room at any gym or sports facilities.

The 4 necessary steps for men skin care

The skin of men differs from that of women in that usually men's skin is oilier but also thicker, and therefore women skincare products are not the most suitable for men, since they are not easy to absorb on men skin, and they feel too oily. Even once absorbed, after a while, man's skin ends up expelling them in the form of sweat.