The 4 necessary steps for men skin care

The skin of men differs from that of women in that usually men's skin is oilier but also thicker, and therefore women skincare products are not the most suitable for men, since they are not easy to absorb on men skin, and they feel too oily. Even once absorbed, after a while, man's skin ends up expelling them in the form of sweat.

On the other hand, the advantage of mixed or oily skin is that it is better hydrated than dry skin, and therefore wrinkles will appear at a later stage than on women skin, which tends to be drier than that of man.

The skin of men also tends to have open pores and excess sebum. Because of this, many men use unsuitable cleansing products such as bar soaps (that have a way too high pH value) or shower gels designed for the body that are also inappropriate for facial cleansing.

Therefore, the first and perhaps the most important step before moisturizing is to use always a cleansing product specifically formulated for facial use, like our Extra Gent's - Facial cleanser for men.

A facial cleanser should always be Sulfate Free and with pH 5.5 in order not to remove the protective layer of our skin. The advantage of our Extra Gent's is its dual function, so that you can also use it as a shaving cream.

We are well aware that men are sometimes too lazy to use too many products, so we develop easy-to-use skincare products for men with multiple purposes so that you can get the most out of them.

The second step should always be a weekly scrub or peeling. A scrub removes dead cells and helps to regenerate your skin, and it is especially recommended for combination and oily skin, and therefore it is ideal for most men skin.

And finally, after cleansing or scrubbing and before moisturizing, we recommend using a facial Revitalizing spray for men like our Cool Splash.

This revitalizing facial spray is ideal to prevent facial fatigue due to its vitamin intake. And it is also an excellent post-shave spray since it does not contain any alcohol, so you will avoid stinging. Due to the Aloe Vera and Calendula you will protect and soothe the skin after shaving it.

The fourth step is to use a moisturizer either in gel or cream texture formulated for the skin of men.

It is very important that your moisturizer is designed specifically for men skin, if you want to avoid the problems mentioned at the beginning of this post. We have developed a facial moisturizing gel for combination or oily skin, and also to be used in summer, and a facial antiaging cream for normal to dry skin, and to be used in winter.

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