Why a Men's specific Intimate Wash?

The reason is very simple.

As in both our facial and body cleansing it is necessary to use a cleansing gel with a pH value as close as possible to that of our skin, the same happens in our intimate area.

Both men and women, have a pH value of 5.5 in our face and body. That is why it is very important to use always products with pH 5.5 in order not to alter the protective barrier of our skin. Naturally, all facial and body Homo Naturals skin care products have pH 5.5.

However, the pH of the intimate area of men is not 5.5 but 7, that is, men in our intimate area, as a rule have an alkaline pH.

And in the same way, that it is vital to use a facial and body cleanser with the right pH, so it is in our intimate area if in the long term we want to prevent the hydrolipidic layer (the protective barrier of our skin) from being unbalanced, and therefore, avoid possible irritations, redness, etc.

And why can't I use a specific one for women? The intimate hygiene gels for women are formulated with the specific pH for the area of the woman, which is 5.5 (with the exception of specific times such as puberty, menstruation...).

For this reason, the best for our intimate men's grooming is to use a specific intimate wash specific for men. Our Downstairs Fresh has been formulated sulfate free and with a specific pH for men.

It is also organic certified, and it contains Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Abyssinia and Sage extracts, the best to take care of the jewels of the crown the way they deserve!

What is the intimate area of man? Are you doubting where you can use this product? By intimate area we consider both the penis, the testicles and the anus, both the outer and inner part.

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