How to prevent puffy eyes

One of the first signs of facial fatigue and skin ageing are usually the puffy bags that appear at the bottom of the eye contour.

There are several reasons why these bags appear, and while it is true that there are people who are more likely to have bags than others, sooner or later and to a greater or lesser extent, bags appear on the eyelids, and you already know the saying, prevention is better than cure.

Therefore, the most important thing is to put these tips into practice to avoid or delay the appearance of the swollen eyes as much as possible.

There is people who have very few wrinkles and fairly smooth skin, but just because they have bags under the eye contour, their look is of that of someone with a higher age, only due to the effect caused by the swollen eyes.

Just picture someone you know who has the puffy eyes. And now imagine that same person without those swollen eyes. The apparent age of that person will automatically decrease.

Therefore, preventing the appearance of bags under the eyes is a key factor in maintaining a youthful appearance and not looking any older than we we are.

In this article we go through the following tips that can help you. Although if you have other ideas or advice, do not hesitate to leave your comments below.

But before starting with the list of tips, you are probably wondering if it makes sense to continue reading if in your case you already have puffy eyes and what you want is to get rid of them, since you may think that it is too late to prevent. And our answer is: Absolutely yes, you should keep reading, it's never too late.

All these tips are ideal to prevent, but if your feeling is that you already have puffy eyes, or if you have always been prone to having swollen eyes, they can even go bigger if you don't take care of them and prevent them to grow even more.

Our tips to prevent and get rid of puffy eyes are:

1. Have good facial hygiene. Clean your face daily. In fact, the ideal would be to clean it every morning and every night. Just link your oral hygiene with facial hygiene, so that every time you brush your teeth, remember to wash your face too. If you manage to link these two actions, it will help you a lot to follow your routine.

Facial cleaning is basic when it comes to keeping our skin in good condition. A clean skin is a healthier skin, and a healthy skin is a skin that will stay smooth and supple for longer.

Think that the eye contour area is part of your face, and therefore it is important that the entire face is in good condition. But yes, the skin around the eyes is up to 10 times thinner than the skin on the face. That is why it is essential that the cleansing products that we use for the face are as respectful as possible, since they will inevitably be in contact around the eyes and it is very important not to stress the skin in the eye contour area. It is basic to use always a specific facial cleanser that is sulfate free and with pH 5.5, in order to protect the hydro lipid layer of our skin.

2. Watch out for those habits. We already know that it is a classic, but that of staying up late and constantly changing the rhythms of sleep for our body, takes its toll on our skin, as well as the excesses of alcohol and tobacco. Try to keep a routine and not change your habits too much. Your body and skin will appreciate it.

3. Play sports regularly. You do not need to do marathons or high intensity sports, but anything that burns calories and gets your on the move will activate the circulation of your organism and it can also help you to prevent your puffy eyes from growing more.

4. Always keep your face well hydrated. In the same way that cleansing is essential, hydration of your face in general is also fundamental. If your skin is well hydrated, it will stay healthy for longer, it will be less stressed against external agents and it will make your inner balance help you protect yourself and regulate yourself better.

5. Massaging the contour area is a great idea too. We recommend using a roll-on such as our Eyes-On-Me, and its metal ball with cold effect, allows you to massage the eye contour area while applying the product. Once the product has been applied, you can tap the area with a little finger to help the product absorb more quickly. Once the product has been absorbed, its exclusive n8 + complex will begin to act in such a way that the active ingredients will help you drain and decongest the area. Our Eyes-On-Me is a 100% natural product and formulated only with the best quality plant extracts.

6. Always rinse your face with cold water. When you wash your face, always rinse it with cold water and make sure that cold water reaches the area around the eyes. Cold water is a vasoconstrictor and helps fighting puffy eyes.

7. Keep up with your healthy eating habits, especially if you tend to have fluid retention, you may already know which foods do not help and which ones do. In general, our recommendation is that you have a balanced diet.

To sum up, we can state that puffy eyes can be avoided, and that if you have always had a tendency to have swollen eyes despite sleeping well and having a healthy lifestyle, at least they can be minimized and you can prevent them from growing further.

These tips are not a magic wand and we already know that it is not easy to put them all into practice by everyone. But if you are already in a position where you usually do not sleep much and you don't have great healthy habits, use at least a good eye contour that will help draining the puffy eyes, and massage them with its roll-on. Try also to cleanse your face regularly with a gentle facial cleanser, and keep your face well hydrated with a good moisturizing gel or cream.

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