What is a facial Revitalising Spray

If you nourish your body with food, you should also nourish your skin with proper ingredients.

Our Cool Splash is the perfect facial spray:

- Vitamin Boost due to the blend of its multiple plants extracts.
- Hydrates quickly due to its content in organic Aloe Vera.
- With the soothing properties of the Calendula extract (Marigold plant).
- Balances oily skin due to its content in Hamamelis.
- Great refreshing feeling due to the natural Mint.

Combination or oily skin?

Then this is the ideal product for you, as it's plants extracts are in non-oily and there is no added vegetable oils in the formula.

Our Cool Splash also contains Hamamelis Extract, a great balancing agent for excess grease.

Can I use it with normal to dry skin too?

Of course you can. Cool Splash balances excess oil secretion on your skin, without dehydrating it.

As it also contains organic Aloe Vera, it will keep any dry skin well hydrated.

Can Cool Splash replace my facial moisturizer?

If you have an oily skin and you live in a humid and hot weather, our Cool Splash could be enough for your skin without needing to use a facial moisturizer, as its Aloe Vera would hydrate and the rest of ingredients would nourish your skin.

Can I mix my Cool Splash with my Youth Blend GEL / CREAM?

Of course you can. You have two possible options:

1. You apply it on to your skin and tap with your fingers until it has been absorbed. Afterwards, you apply our Youth Blend GEL / CREAM.

2. You spray your face with Cool Splash, and directly after you apply our Youth Blend GEL / CREAM, mixing both textures.

With the second option, Cool Splash will be absorbed into lower layers of your skin.

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