In winter, cream, cream and more cream!

low temperatures and wind cold stress your skin and they dry it out. 

Remember that a Dry Skin it cracks and wrinkles appear earlier than usual. 

You can remedy it, protecting your skin from the cold with our Anti-Stress Cream, Anti-aging cream specially formulated for men's skin. 

It is not only suitable for dry skin and for normal skinl, but it is also perfect to use in winter if you have mixed skin.



Our Anti-Stress Cream a Anti-aging cream Formulated specifically for men's skin, and therefore quickly absorbed and with a mattifying formula. 

However, if your skin is very oily, then even during the low temperatures of winter, you can still use our Anti-Stress Gel 👌

How to prevent premature aging caused by low temperatures?

follow these tips and you will always look radiant skin ✨: 

1. Always use a Petroleum-free face cream. It has been shown that these end up drying your skin even more. Most manufacturers still use them because they are much lower in cost than vegetable oils and plant extracts, but they are not good for your skin. 

2. If you have combination skin or normal skin, and you normally use our Anti-Stress GelNow with the cold it's time to move on Anti-Stress Cream

3. Remember moisturize your skin every morning and every night, always after your shower or facial cleansing. 

4. Facial cleansing is basic, since unfortunately most of the time we wash our face with products that are too aggressive. Use only one respectful facial cleanser like ours Extra Gent's

5. In this cold season, if you complement your daily hydration with a Serum, you will improve results. 

6. our two Serums are two great anti-aging. 

El Dark Spots Fighter has a hyaluronic acid duo complex, which makes it a very effective anti-wrinkle treatment.

And the Skin Recovery Serum contains Cannabidiol and Niacinamide (among many other assets), two great anti-aging assets that make that your skin is more resistant to inclement weather


Duo hyaluronic complex


Cannabidiol + Niacinamide

Do you have more questions about how to protect your skin in winter and prevent premature aging?
Write us an email or whatsapp and we will be happy to help you 😉

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