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Article: Are you taking care of your skin with the right anti-wrinkle texture?

Anti-wrinkle cream for oily skin

Are you taking care of your skin with the right anti-wrinkle texture?

If you live in a climate with temperature fluctuations between day and night, or a climate with marked seasons (eg Mediterranean climate), then the skin becomes oilier in spring and summer and drier in autumn and winter. 

Therefore, it is important to choose a natural face cream that adapts to the needs of men's skin and that is suitable for the climate of each season of the year.

You can use and even combine different types of textures anti-aging for men's skin: 


    Anti-aging cream for men oily skin

    The gel texture is an excellent option for men with oily, since it has a light and oil-free texture.

    Our Anti-Stress Gel It will help keep your skin hydrated, fresh and above all, it will also help you maintain the firmness of your skin, since it contains coniferous extracts that are ideal for a tensor effect y thus avoiding premature flaccidity so common in the oily.

    The other advantage of a anti wrinkle face gel is its rapid absorption and matte finish It leaves no shine or residue.



    Serum man

    The anti-aging serums They are an excellent option that provide hydration to the skin without leaving a feeling of greasyness. The serums are quickly absorbed and are suitable for all skin types.

    Un serum exclusive for men like us Dark Spots Fighter contains one powerful action anti-aging thanks to its complex duo of hyaluronic acids of plant origin.

    It tienes sensitive skin: acne-prone skinthen our Skin Recovery Serum is the right product for you. This skin recovery serum is formulated for sensitive skin and also acne-prone.

    It is our serum with the most technological assets, and it is also a great pore tuner. So it's a great anti-aging option for all skin types. 


    Men's facial toner

    As their name suggests, toners "tone" the skin, but also if your tonic contains Aloe Vera, like the one in our Cool Splash, then hydrates it with a very light texture since all plant extracts containing (Hamamelis, Horse Chestnut, Aloe Vera and Calendula) are found in aqueous format and does not contain any oil.

    It tienes oily o mixed skinOur Cool Splash is also a Excellent sebum regulator, that is, it has the ability to regulate excess sebum (fat) in the skin.

    Whether you have normal skin or dry skin, you can perfectly use our revitalizing facial toner, since it will hydrate your skin but without drying it out. Of course, always apply after your Revitalizing Spray, you wrinkle cream for dry skin



    Anti-aging cream for men

    A Anti-aging cream formulated for men's skin is ideal to use if you have normal skin or Dry Skin.

    Our Anti-Stress Cream is a Anti-aging cream formulated exclusively with natural ingredients, such as the best quality plant extracts, cold-pressed vegetable oils and essential oils.

    It is formulated without petroleum derivatives and without parabens. Our Anti-aging cream hydrates your skin without clogging pores and helps keep your skin healthy and beautiful all year long.



    Biodegradable sunscreen SPF 50

    It is important to remember that regardless of the texture anti-aging you use, if you are exposed to the sun frequently, you should apply a good sunscreen during the day to protect the skin from UV rays.

    Our recommendation is our SPF 50 sunscreen biodegradable stick, which will provide protection against UVA and UVB rays.

    Our SPF 50 sunscreen has a matte finish, without shine. Contains a universal touch of color that adapts to any type of skin and so leaves no white trace. It is also perfect for camouflage wrinkles and imperfections. 

    With Organic Sunstick you will also get a anti-aging action Thanks to the extracts of Karité, Rosa Mosqueta, Argan and Vitamin E.


    Why don't we recommend a face cream with sun protection?

    The problem of facial creams with sun protection is that they have excessively oily textures for men's skin, since the only way to make a natural face cream with sun protection is by adding a mineral filter (instead of the highly controversial chemical filters). 

    Therefore, our recommendation is to use your face gel or cream with a light texture like those of our Anti-Stress Gel / Cream, and then use your sunscreen stick above only when necessary.

    As we have already mentioned above, our sunscreen stick it is mattifying and does not leave a white trace, so it is the ideal solution to protect yourself from the sun in the most natural and attractive way 😉

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