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Article: The best anti-wrinkle creams for men on the market

The best anti-wrinkle creams for men on the market

The best anti-wrinkle creams for men on the market

Face wrinkle creams for men they must have certain characteristics for be considered the best. Some of them include:

  1. High level of active ingredients: The best wrinkle creams for men must contain a high percentage of active ingredients that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines on the skin. Some common active ingredients in wrinkle creams include hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, Vitamin C and vitamin E.

    The problem of conventional creams (that is, non-natural creams), is that they contain as an excipient petroleum derived oils, which, being refined, are inert materials that do not contribute anything to your skin. In fact, it has even been shown that paraffin, Vaseline and other petroleum derivatives end up drying out the lower layers of the skin even more. And one dehydrated skin in its lower layers, it is a skin with a very high probability of showing signs of premature aging.

    Therefore, we recommend that you use only 100% natural anti-wrinkle creams, that are formulated only with plant extracts and vegetable oils.

    Its fatty acids are more similar to those of your skin, so they will be more effective, and also these ingredients are very rich in active ingredients such as vitamins, proteins, phytosterols and other antioxidants for your skin. 

  2. Proper hydration level: The best wrinkle creams for men should provide the adequate hydration level to men's skin to keep it soft and supple. Well-hydrated skin tends to have fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

    That's why we only recommend anti-wrinkle creams without petroleum derivatives, which, as we have already explained in the previous point, end up dehydrating the lower layers of the skin, and causing premature aging. Uses only natural wrinkle creams for men Formulated with vegetable oils and plant extracts, instead of mineral oils derived from petroleum. 

  3. Firming: Men's skin tends to have a higher level of fat secretion, and oily skins have the advantage that wrinkles appear later, but they suffer from premature flaccidity.

    Therefore, it is vital that the best wrinkle creams for men contain active ingredients for firm the skin and prevent premature sagging.

    Our Anti-Stress Gel for mixed skin y oily, contains Coniferous Extract, which is an excellent active ingredient with tensor effect. And our Anti-Stress Cream for normal skin and Dry Skin, contains Jojoba rich in ceramides to hold our skin cells together.

  4. Solar protection?
    This topic is highly controversial, and we have a article dedicated exclusively to explaining whether your anti-wrinkle cream should have facial protection.

    It is often recommended that anti-wrinkle creams contain sun protection. However, if you want to use a 100% natural anti-wrinkle cream With sun protection, its texture will be very oily and will leave a white layer on your skin, which is not very attractive.

    If your anti-wrinkle cream with sun protection does not leave a white trace, this means that the sunscreen it contains is chemical, and this type of chemical filter is highly controversial, both for our health and for the environment.

    Therefore, our solution is to use a 100% natural sunscreen in stick format that has a factor of SPF 50 protection and with a touch of color like our Sunstick.

    This will allow you moisturize your skin with a suitable texture like our Anti-Stress Gel / Cream, and you can then apply your Sunstick, thus avoiding unwanted oiliness while keeping your skin always protected from UVA and UVB rays. 

  5. Suitable for skin type: It is important that wrinkle creams for men not only formulated for the needs of men's skin, but also according to the type of skin of each man.

    You can have oily, mixed skin, normal skin and Dry Skin, according to the degree of sebaceous secretion of your skin. If you don't know what type of skin you have, you can read this article about the different skin types, and you can also make our skin test. By responding to this form, a personalized facial care routine to your skin type.

    Face creams for dry skin may not be effective in oily and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to choose a Anti-aging cream that suits your skin type.

  6. suitable texture: The texture of the Anti-aging cream is also important. a texture too oily can clog pores and cause problems acne, while a texture too light can not provide the hydration required. The appropriate texture will depend on each person's skin type.

  7. non comedogenic: The wrinkle creams for men must be non-comedogenic, which means that do not clog pores. This is especially important for those with acne prone skin.

  8. long lasting formula: The best wrinkle creams for men must have a long-lasting formula that provides hydration and protection throughout the day.

  9. Free from synthetic fragrances: Synthetic perfumes can contain phthalates and other unwanted ingredients, so it is important to choose anti-wrinkle creams without artificial fragrances, and formulated either without perfume, or only with 100% pure essential oils like our Anti-Stress Gel / Cream.

In summary, the best wrinkle creams for men they must contain a high level of active ingredients, an adequate level of hydration, be firming, be formulated for your skin type, have a texture suitable for men's skin, be non-comedogenic, have a long-lasting formula and be free of synthetic perfumes .

When choosing one Anti-aging cream, it is important to take these characteristics into account to ensure that you are buying an effective and suitable product for your skin.

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