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Article: How to remove dark circles quickly

How to remove dark circles man

How to remove dark circles quickly

How to remove dark circles

Dark circles are one of the signs on our face that most denote fatigue and a feeling of tiredness.

There are different reasons why dark circles appear, and even if you lead a healthy lifestyle and sleep well, you may not be able to eliminate them either.

To remove dark circles, we recommend a complete treatment based on the following guidelines:

  1. To prevent
  2. Deal with
  3. Delete

1. Prevent the appearance of dark circles

When you read this, you will surely be thinking that it is already too late because you have always had a tendency to have dark circles, or they have already appeared and you do not know how to remove them.

And although this may be so, you must continue taking measures to prevent dark circles from getting worse. In another article we will explain in more detail what you can do to prevent dark circles if you don't have them but you are worried that they will come out, or if they are already starting to come out and you don't want them to go any further.

Although how can you imagine, to prevent dark circles, pay attention to your lifestyle, since it is likely that unhealthy habits are the cause of the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

2. Treat dark circles

To eliminate dark circles, it is important to bear in mind that this is not a process from today to tomorrow and that the result is usually in the medium term. That is why it is important that you maintain your facial care routine with special attention to the eye contour area.

The cause of dark circles can be due to poor blood circulation in the contour area, so it is important that you pay special attention to the care of the skin around the eyes.

Did you know that the skin around the eye contour can be up to 10 times thinner than the rest of your face?

This means that you need to pay special attention to the products you are using for facial care, prioritizing the use of natural and respectful products with your skin.

For example, do not use a traditional bar soap for facial cleansing as this can be very aggressive. Use a facial cleanser without sulfates and with pH 5.

Also, do not use a conventional shower gel for your face, since the sulfates that almost all shower gels carry can be too aggressive for your face.

Help your skin to regenerate. If your skin is well nourished with natural ingredients that help it regenerate, it will be much easier to combat dark circles when you use a specific eye contour for it.

Don't let your skin dry out. Always keep it well hydrated and protected against external agents (sun, pollution, etc.).

Use an eye contour with specific active ingredients to prevent and treat dark circles.

To remove dark circles, you need the help of natural ingredients that activate your circulation and thus prevent the accumulation of blood supply in the capillaries of the eye contour area.

There are several ingredients that can help you, such as Red Vine extract or orange blossom, both included in our Eyes-On-Me, eye contour for men for dark circles and bags.

3. Remove dark circles

If what you need is to make your dark circles disappear quickly and you feel that anti-dark circles treatment products take too long to take effect, an option may be a face concealer with a touch of color to remove dark circles invisibly.

An option can be ours Eyes-On-Me Camouflage, which is an eye contour roll-on with exactly the same active ingredients as our Eyes-On-Me to treat dark circles, and that we have also included a touch of color so that it is not only a medium-term treatment, but also so that in an instant you can remove your dark circles quickly and naturally.

Is it a makeup for dark circles? If you want, you can wear a makeup too, although we do not consider our Camouflage exactly a makeup, since its touch of color, once it has been absorbed with your skin, ends up disappearing and becomes completely invisible to the human eye.

The difference with makeup is that makeup can be seen with the naked eye and many men do not like it to be seen that we are wearing makeup.

Instead our Camouflage, as its name suggests, not only camouflages your dark circles, but also blends with your skin (regardless of the color of your skin), thus minimizing dark circles and other imperfections that you may have on your face.

Even with the reflection of light, it performs a filling action on the wrinkles around the contour and also minimizes them.

It is a 100% natural product with organic certification.

You can find more information on how to eliminate bags and dark circles in our advice section of our blog for facial care for men.


We recommend that you pay attention to your facial care, if possible using natural cosmetic products that are more respectful of your skin, and that you follow an eye contour care routine on an ongoing basis.

If you don't have time and need immediate results, you can help yourself with a facial concealer that will help you camouflage your dark circles completely invisibly towards others.

The correct way to use your roll-on to reduce dark circles is by applying the roll-on corrector on them, and instead of spreading the product as if it were a moisturizing cream, we recommend giving very light touches with your fingertip.

You will notice that little by little the concealer is absorbed until it disappears completely.

If you feel that the dark circles have reduced but not completely disappeared, you can apply more concealer again and repeat the process until you find the perfect balance for you, and thus become even more handsome ;-)


Homo Naturals is the first brand of 100% natural male cosmetics. We are specialists in men's skin care and we have a selection of creams for men, ranging from facial creams, body care, eye contour, deodorants, hand cream, intimate soap and natural lubricant.


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The information on the care of the eye contour is very interesting, I will follow the recommendations, thank you very much….

I want to try your products and see how effective they are.

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