How to know what type of skin do I have?

This question is extremely important when choosing the type of cosmetic product or skin care products.

Depending on the type of skin we have, we will use one type of texture or another to both cleanse and tone or moisturize our skin.

Today there are devices that allow very tight tests to be carried out on the type of skin we have. They indicate the degree of dryness, the thickness, the degree of skin alteration, the thickness of the pores, etc.

To carry out an exhaustive examination of the skin, you can go to your dermatologist or to a pharmacy specialized in male cosmetics, where they usually have this type of device that analyzes and performs a test of the type of skin you have.

In any case, you yourself can make a visual analysis of the state of your skin, answering the questions of this link.

You will see that the different types of skin are described, and just by answering these simple questions, you will be able to determine the type of skin you have and you will have more elements to choose the best cosmetic product for men, and the texture that best suits your skin type.

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