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Article: Facial care from the age of 40

Facial care man 40 years

Facial care from the age of 40

One of the questions that you ask us from time to time is "from what age" should we take care of the skin.

And the truth is that from our point of view there is no "age from which to start taking care of it" since the skin must always be taken care of.

In the same way that there are diaper creams, and to prevent babies from getting irritated skin every time they are cleaned, there are also products for excess sebum - such as our Cool Splash - that our skin suffers during puberty or oily skin in general.

But it is true that after a certain age, our skin begins to dehydrate little by little.

This lack of hydration is the precursor to future wrinkles that will end up appearing in a few years. That is why it is essential not to let your skin dehydrate today if you want to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

So it is very important to start using moisturizers at an early age to ensure that our skin ages as slowly as possible.

From when is that age in which you stop preventing and start treating depends on each case.

In general it is said that it is from the age of 40, although each skin is different and for some people it will be from the age of 27 and for others it will be from the age of 43.

In general, if you are already 40 years old or older and still do not moisturize your skin on a regular basis, we recommend that you start soon.

Although today you do not have many wrinkles, we remind you that in men, due to the type of skin we have, although wrinkles appear later, when they appear, they do so more suddenly.

And that is probably due to the lack of care that skin has received in recent years. From the age of 40 you should use a daily facial cream that is not only moisturizing but also provides your skin with extra nutrition and also works on firmness, something that men's skin also suffers from.

Our recommendation is an all-in-one product like our Anti-Stress CREAM that not only deeply hydrates and prevents the appearance of wrinkles, but also nourishes your skin with plant extracts and top-quality active ingredients such as Gingko Biloga. (great anti-wrinkle), Shea (great cell regenerator), and jojoba (great firming).

In addition, our Anti-Stress CREAM has an exclusive n3+ formula that does not leave shine, and is ideal for normal skin and dry skin.

Now, if your skin is mixed or oily, then we recommend our Anti-Stress GEL, which also has its all-in-one function, just like the cream. You will find here the differences between the two textures, gel and cream.

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