What are the differences between men's and women's skin?

Men's skin has different characteristics than women's.

That's why it's so important use specific products for men's skin care. Otherwise, if the products we use are not formulated for our skin type, we can have problems with excess sebum, shine, but also flaking or even redness.


This is because men's skin is usually thicker and more lipid-rich (ie, more oily) than women's. The vast majority of moisturizing creams on the market are formulated for women's skin, which tends to have drier and finer skin than men's.

Even the "so-called unisex creams" are ultimately designed for female skin. Many of you explain to us that before you could not use anti-aging Cream because then you felt your skin too oily and with the sensation that the skin immediately expelled the cream, and that since you use Homo Naturalsfinally you can use Moisturizing CreamAnd that's because our products are formulated specifically for men.

Differences between men's skin and women's skin

Even if you have combination skin, and use a "unisex" combination skin cream (but one that is ultimately formulated for women's skin), chances are you'll still find it too oily.

Keep in mind that combination skin for women is not equivalent to combination skin for men, that is, men's skin will always be somewhat oilier than women's.

For combination skin for men, or even for a man with normal skin who lives in a warm and humid area (for example, all of the Levant and South of Spain), the texture we recommend is a moisturizing gel, like the one in our Anti-Stress Gel, with a mattifying effect.

Y for a man with normal or dry skin, you should use a specific cream for men, like our Anti-Stress Cream, as a cream for normal/combination skin for women would still be too oily for a man.


In this article, you will find a list of the 7 main characteristics of men's skin with recommendations on specific care. 

How do I know what type of skin I have?

In this article you will learn to distinguish the type of skin you have and choose the most suitable products for your skin type or according to the season of the year.

Discover here our selection of facial creams for men. 

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