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Article: Facial care for men with oily skin II

facial care man oily skin. Sebum-regulating cosmetic

Facial care for men with oily skin II

As we said in the previous article, One most common problems full oily of men is precisely the excess sebum or excess oil secretion.

This is not very aesthetic because it causes us the glitters that we like so little and give us the feeling of being dirty or sweaty.

However, at Homo Naturals we are of the opinion that it is preferable to have combination or oily skin, since the appearance of wrinkles in principle it will be later than in a Dry Skin.

However, a Oily skin also needs specific care. The most important is that facial cleansing be done with a gentle and gentle facial cleanser with our skin

very important to two things to keep in mind in facial cleansing: without sulfates and pH 5.5. They are two vital elements if we want to always maintain a balanced and good-looking skin.

La hydration in mixed or oily skin It is also more important than it seems, since lOily skin also tends to have specific dehydration times., especially if a very aggressive soap or facial cleanser is used, it can become unbalanced, redness appearing and becoming your sensitive skin external agents or even skin care products such as moisturizing or anti-aging creams

What is very important is to use a Specific anti-aging facial cream for oily skinalthough we talked about it in the Next Article.

Our proposal to treat oily skin is to use a sebum-regulating cosmetic, but above all, a seboregulator that is natural and that is formulated without alcohol.

Alcohol dries out and this may seem good for oily skin, but alcohol destroys the hydrolipidic layer, or what is the same, destroys the natural protective layer of our skin.

It is essential not to unbalance that mantle or layer of natural protection of the skin, since otherwise, despite having oily skin, our skin can suffer redness, peeling, etc. 

Our Revitalizing face spray It is a great seboregulator for oily skin.

is formulated only with plant extractss. Contains Hamamelis, which is the ingredient that regulates excess oil secretion from the skin, and also contains Horse Chestnut, which is a great facial revitalizer.

The good of our Cool Splash is that it regulates the excess secretion of sebum, but does not dry our skin, thus preventing the skin from becoming dehydrated oily skin, or unbalanced oily skin. 

The Aloe Vera that contains our Cool Splash, will restore the water balance of the skin and calendula will soothe it.

All the ingredients that our Cool Splash They are plant extracts in aqueous format, that is, they do not contain any vegetable oil. That is, it is a product oil-free cosmetic

This is ideal for oily skin, since it will not hydrate us without adding excess oil to our skin.

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