Facial care for men with oily skin III

In the first article on facial care for oily skin, we talked about the three problems that combination and oily skin usually suffer from:

1. Dehydration of the lower layers

2. Excess sebum shine

3. Sagging

On the first point we have already previously spoken of the importance of using a face cleaner that it be as respectful as possible so as not to unbalance the hydrolipidic layer of our skin, and prevent it from becoming unbalanced despite having mixed or oily skin and those unattractive redness and flaking appear.

With reference to the excess of sebum or oily secretion of the skin, we have also spoken in the second article, where we address the need to use a sebum-regulating spray like our Cool Splash, and that it is very important that this product does not contain alcohol to avoid precisely the opposite effect to that desired, that is, that when the alcohol dries out the skin, it generates even more sebum to protect itself.

In this article we are going to talk more about the third problem of oily skin, which is usually sagging. We have already mentioned that the advantage of oily skin is that the appearance of wrinkles is later, the downside is that mixed and oily skin tends to have more flaccidity and this flaccidity can also appear prematurely.

That is why it is very important, on the one hand, to use a good sebum regulator (eye, that regulates the skin without drying it), and on the other hand use a product with firming ingredients.

This is where we recommend our step number 4 in gel format.

That's right, our step number 4 Youth Blend, exists in both gel and cream, depending on the type of skin or even the time of year (since our skin is not the same in summer as it is in winter).

Our Youth Blend Gel contains a fantastic ingredient that is an extract from Conifers, which are these giant trees that grow in North America and Canada, whose extract has a great tightening and firming effect on the skin.

There are many of you who write to us how incredible the skin feels after applying the Youth Blend Gel, since once it has been absorbed it leaves the skin completely matte and the firming sensation it gives you have not found with any other product. The good thing is that it not only provides the momentary tensor effect, but also performs a deep treatment to prevent future sagging of oily skin.

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