Do I have to scrub my skin after the summer?

We love to tan, and a beautiful tan is synonymous with healthy skin.

However, when our skin ages, one of the causes is "cutaneous photoaging", due to free radicals from the sun.

After summer or sun exposure (eye, not immediately after), but after a few days, we will notice that our skin needs a higher degree of hydration.

Do you think that how can it be, that your skin dries out and even itches, if you have always had mixed or even oily skin?

It is normal. All the accumulated hours of sun have been drying your skin and free radicals have done their job causing skin photoaging.

The skin loses collagen, elasticity and the worst thing is that spots can appear.

To prevent all these symptoms, it goes without saying that a good hydration of the skin is necessary every morning and every night.

However, sun exposure has caused premature aging of our skin cells, so exfoliation is very important to remove dead cells and help the appearance of new cells and therefore cell regeneration of our skin. .

When should I exfoliate?

In any case, exfoliation should not happen right after sunbathing, because if you exfoliate right after returning from the pool or the beach, your skin is still attacked and could irritate it even more.

You can allow 4 or 5 days to pass since the last long sun exposure. It will be the ideal time to remove dead cells from your skin and once again show off younger-looking skin.

The ideal is to exfoliate once a week or even twice if you have combination or oily skin, but it is not advisable to exfoliate every day.

How should I exfoliate?

There are two types of exfoliants, physical and chemical. Our X-Foliate It is a physical peel, since the chemicals can be highly aggressive for our skin.

Exfoliation with our X-Foliate It should be done by applying the gel with the granulated apricot on the tips of our fingers and spread this gel over the face with a light massage.

We emphasize that the massage should be very gentle for a few seconds and then remove with water.

It is important to avoid the area around the eyes, since the skin in this area is 10 times thinner than that of the face.

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