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Article: Men's facial moisturizer

Moisturizing cream for men

Men's facial moisturizer

face cream for men

Although men tend to have more of the mixed skin o oily, it's of vital importance delay the aging process keeping her always well hydrated with a face cream for men.

This is because the men's skin is different from women's skin and therefore need products that adapt well to our skin type.

On the market there are "misnamed" unisex creams for combination or oily skin. From our point of view, if you are a man with combination or oily skin, these "unisex" face creams may still be too oily textures for you, since they are basically formulated for the needs of women's skin. 

In the market you will find plenty of facial creams, although we recommend you use only facial creams for men, that is, they have been specifically formulated for the needs of men's skin.

That should be your first filter, since as we have described above, it is very important that your face cream adapts to the specific needs of your skin type.

If you are looking for a anti-aging Cream for you or if the cream is for your boy, it is important that you choose a cream that, apart from being formulated for men's skin, is also specific for his skin type.

That is, if you have oily o mixed skin, we recommend using a gel-textured moisturizing cream, that is, a facial moisturizing gel that is for mixed or oily skin.

Besides, you can complement your facial cream with a Revitalizing spray or facial toner, that is sebum-regulating, that is, that it helps you to regulate excess fat secretion.

The ideal is in a spray format, because that way you can take advantage of the entire product, it is very easy to apply, since you only have to apply the spray to your face without the need to use any cotton or any other accessory.

El Revitalizing Spray it will complete the vitamin content of your gel or facial moisturizer, and although it regulates sebum, you can also use it if you have normal skin or dry skin, because as its name suggests, all it does is regulate excess oil secretion, helping to balance your skin, but at no time will it dry it out.

A facial Revitalizer like ours Cool Splash, also contains Aloe Vera bio which is a great facial moisturizer without the need to add more fat to your skin.
And another very interesting ingredient is its mint extract, which is a very interesting cell tonic.


Ideally, you should use your face gel or cream every morning and every night, after your shower or facial cleansing..

It is important that your skin is always clean, before applying your anti-aging Cream, since otherwise, when applying your anti-aging Cream you will re-introduce the toxins that your skin has been eliminating during the day or during the previous night.

you can combine your facial gel or cream with a revitalizing toner or spray.

The first step would be to first spray the spray on our face.

Next, you can give a few touches with your fingertip until it has been absorbed, although another very interesting option is to apply directly facial gel or cream on the face still moistened from the spray without it having been absorbed.

In this way, you will make a emulsion between the anti-aging Cream and revitalizing spray and you will help it to penetrate the lower layers of the skin, increasing its effectiveness.

If you need specific information on how choosing face creams for men, you can click on this article.

If what you are looking for is a product for the specific care of the eye contour, in our guide on skin care for men, you will find more information about how to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles in the eye contour.

You can also find more information on facial care for oily skin, or more tips on how to choose a face cream for men.

Homo Naturals is the first 100% natural male cosmetics brand. Products with organic certification specific for men's skin. We have a complete line of face care products, with anti-aging serums, Anti-aging cream y eye contour To treat scholarships y shiners

We also have products body care as sulfate-free shower gel, regenerating body cream, handcream, aluminum free deodorants, intimate gel lubricant y intimate soap specifically for men. Also discover our biodegradable stick sunscreenas well as our special price kits and section of gifts for men.

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