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Article: The importance of facial cleansing

Men's facial cleanser
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The importance of facial cleansing

We have already commented in other articles that to take good care of our facial skin, the first step is pay close attention to products facial cleansing..
The skin of our face is on average 5 times finer than that of our body. This implies that it must be taken care of with special attention.
Also the skin of our face is the only part of the whole body that is always uncovered, which implies that it is always exposed to pollution, solar radiation, and other free radicals that make us grow old
That is why a good facial cleansing. always before applying our face cream for men.
If we do not clean our face well before applying our anti-aging Cream, we will be mixing all that dirt and pollution that has been accumulating on our face along with the anti-aging Cream. Especially if you live in an urban area or big city with high levels of pollution.
In addition, our body expels toxins through perspiration from our skin, and if we do not clean our face before using a anti-aging Cream, what we will do is reintroduce those toxins back into our body. 
However, We cannot use any product for a make a good facial cleansing. Because the skin of our face is five times thinner than that of our body, and because it is the only part of the body that is always exposed to external agents, it is very important that the cleaning is as respectful as possible, regardless of the type of skin you have (oily, dry...).
We will talk about facial cleansing in other articles depending on the type of skin you have, but in any case we we always recommend using a face cleaner ingredient.:

1. Be Formulated sulfate free
Sulfates are the ingredient that acts as a detergent, that is, they have the ability to drag dirt from our skin or any other surface. However, sulfates should not be used in facial cleansers, as sulfates can be too aggressive for the skin of our face.

2. Have a pH 5.5
That is, it has the same pH as our skin. If we use a soap with a very high pH, we will destroy our hydrolipidic layer, or acid mantle, which is our natural protection layer of our skin.
We do not see this layer of natural protection, but it is there, and it is very important not to unbalance it to keep our skin healthy and prevent the appearance of redness or that our skin become more and more sensitive
If your facial cleanser also contains skin-protective ingredients (such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile or other soothing plant extracts...), much better.
We recommend a specific facial cleanser for men, and if it is possible that it is 100% Natural or with organic certification like our Extra Gent's, which is formulated only with plant extracts.
It is a very cleanser Detox, that is, a great purifier that deep cleans, since men usually have open pores and a tendency to have blackheads. Our Extra Gen'ts is not only a deep facial cleanser for men's skin, but it is also a facial cleanser that is very respectful of your skin to prevent redness, peeling or that your skin becomes unbalanced unnecessarily.
In addition, its citrus fragrance based on 100% pure essential oils enhances its detox function, turning your facial cleansing into a unique sensory experience.
Our Extra Gent's it is also a 2-in-1. It is not only a face cleaner, but it is also a great shaving cream, As its creamy texture softens the hair of our beard much better than any conventional foam.
Our Extra Gent's is only the first step of our facial treatment in 4 steps for men's skin. 
Discover our products here face care for men as well as products for body care.
If you want to start taking care of yourself and you don't know how to choose the most suitable products for your skin type, we recommend you do our skin test to obtain a personalized facial routine
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Homo Naturals is the first brand men's grooming 100% natural. We have the widest range of natural skin care products for men. Discover our face care products choice with antiaging gel or creamand eye contour for scholarships y shinersand SPF 50 sunscreen biodegradable stick. And for your body we have shower gel, body lotion, handcream, deodorants, intimate wash y natural lubricantl.

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