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Article: About skincare and grooming products for men

Men grooming products and natural skin care for men

About skincare and grooming products for men

What is men's cosmetics?

The term Grooming Products for Men refers toAll those specific products for men's skin care.

What is men's cosmetics?

La men's grooming consists of a whole series of products that have been specifically formulated to cover the men's skin needs, Ya que Man's skin presents a series of specific characteristics at the level of thickness, sebaceous secretion, apart from the submission of shaving.

How is the difference men's grooming?

Men's cosmetics differ in that their formulas are designed to adapt to the needs of men's skin.

Man's skin has specific characteristics and that's why you need specific products. On the one hand, it is usually thicker and more lipid (fattier) than women's. It usually has more open pores.

This makes men need more refreshing products with light textures and rapid absorption.

In addition, men's skin tends to have more skin sagging, so it makes it very important that the male cosmetic products and creams for men are generally formulated to prevent this premature flaccidity.

And finally the skin of man suffers from submission to shaving, which is still an attack on our skin.

That is why it is very important that male cosmetic products take into account this subjection and that contain natural ingredients to protect the skin, rehydrate it and soothe it without too greasy textures or ingredients.

What are men's cosmetic products like?

As we have mentioned above, male cosmetic products must be adapted to the specific needs of men's skin.

Therefore, they must have:

  • specific textures They are quickly absorbed and are not too greasy.
  • Specific ingredients to protect the skin from shaving and that are moisturizing, dermoprotective and above all soothing.
  • With fragrances for the pleasure of man. Men tend to really like citrus fruits and refreshing fragrances such as Mint. We also really like woody/forest fragrances.
  • The presentation also plays an important role, since creams for men are usually presented in more sober packaging, where dark colors such as black, gray or brown tend to predominate.

Male cosmetic brands

Today most of the brands on the market are not exclusively male brands, but the creams for men that are on the market are usually sub-lines of generic brands.

However, Homo Naturals is a unique and exclusively brand for men of high male cosmetics and it is also 100% natural and ecological.

What is natural men's cosmetics?

La natural cosmetics is the one that is formulated without petroleum derivatives, nor controversial preservatives, nor synthetic perfumes, among other ingredients.

En natural cosmetics Only 100% pure plant extracts, vegetable oils and essential oils are used.

And what about organic cosmetics for men?

La organic cosmetics or bio cosmetics It is the one that meets all the requirements of natural cosmetics described above and also has a minimum percentage of ingredients (around 60%, although it depends on each organic certification or brand) that are of organic origin.

Organically sourced ingredients are those that have been grown without the massive use of pesticides.

Homo Naturals is an organic cosmetics brand certified, since almost all our products have more than 90% ingredients of organic origin.

What is high male cosmetics?

The term "high" refers to cosmetic products with top quality ingredients. For example, vegetable oils found in our cosmetic products are first cold pressing.

It means that they have been obtained only by mechanical procedures so that they maintain all their nutritional properties, since if they are extracted with chemical products or with heat, the oil loses its properties and its effectiveness.

The essential oils that we use are also 100% pure and all the plant extracts are of the highest quality, that is why we say that our products are Premium and of high masculine cosmetics.

The way in which our cosmetic products have been formulated also makes our brand a high-end men's cosmetics, since our formulas are very advanced so that the cosmetic product is the most effective possible and well absorbed.

And finally, a product of high masculine cosmetics should always go in a quality packaging like the glass container. In some northern European countries it would be unthinkable to buy a high-quality face cream in a plastic container.

You can check our sustainability policy here.

Should we use creams for men?

Creams formulated for men's skin they will fit much better to your skin type, hydrating it without Need to bring more fat than necessary, protecting it from shaving and revitalizing it with specific ingredients, while giving you the freshness your skin needs, as well as the experience of using products with much more pleasant fragrances.

Where to buy men's cosmetics?

You can buy our men's cosmetics products at our Online store, or at any of our specialty stores or pharmacies.

We have a full range of facial care products for men, with anti-aging serums, Anti-aging creamand eye contour for scholarships y shiners.

We also have products body care as a shower gela body lotion, deodorants, intimate wash or with a natural lubricant.

You can buy all these products in our online store or buy them in one of the pharmacies or stores that are indicated in our section "where to buy".

What is a facial care routine for men?

By face care routine we understand the different products we use to care for our skin on a regular basis and the particular order in which we use them and how we combine them. 

How can I know which products are the most suitable for me?

You can read this article to discover what type of skin you have, or you can do our skin test. It is a questionnaire with questions and answers through which you will find the most recommended products for your skin type

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