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Article: Tips for good intimate hygiene

Tips for good male intimate hygiene

Tips for good intimate hygiene


Currently, in Western countries, male intimate hygiene is mainly based on using toilet paper after going to the WC.

However, in other cultures, this "dry cleaning" (so to speak, because it is not washing at all) is not well regarded, since the intimate area is also washed with water after each bowel movement.

If we analyze it carefully, using only toilet paper after doing our needs is not exactly the most hygienic, since toilet paper does not clean, it only removes the most important part of the remains of feces, but a part remains and it is not hygienic that those remains (even if they are not seen) remain there, due to the amount of bacteria they contain, in addition to the bad smell they generate.

There is nothing worse than going on a date with someone and unwanted bad odors appearing in intimate areas. Even if you have a stable partner, don't let those bad smells have a bad effect on your partner.

Inadequate intimate hygiene can also be the cause of annoying and unwanted itching. If this is your case, we analyze in this other article the causes of itching how to avoid them 

Tips for good male intimate hygiene

So our recommendation would always be a wash after each bowel movement. If you are at home, it is ideal to perform the intimate washing in a bidet, but if you don't have a bidet, you can do the washing of the intimate area in your shower or bathtub in a quick way.

Today toilet bowls with a built-in jet that you can also use are also appearing. But if you don't have that jet or an accessory shower in your toilet, absolutely nothing happens. You can wash your intimate area in the bidet or in the shower.

Tips for good intimate hygiene are:

  1. Moisten the intimate area with water, either in the bidet, in the conventional shower or if you have an extra shower next to the WC, too.
  2. Apply an intimate hygiene gel or intimate soap with a pH adapted to the male intimate area. This is very important, since men have a different pH in the intimate area than women, as we have explained in other articles.
  3. Rub well with your fingertips to remove dirt and rinse with plenty of water to remove intimate soap. Try not to scratch with your nails, or use sponges that are too aggressive. If you wish, you can use a natural sponge. 
  4. The rubbing must be done carefully to avoid possible injuries to the penis or testicles in an unwanted way. If possible, use a sulfate-free intimate soap so that it is more respectful and avoids possible skin irritations, even more so if it is washed frequently. These irritations could be the cause of the itching in the intimate area
  5. Dry well with a towel before putting on your underwear, to prevent traces of moisture from remaining and thus prevent the appearance of fungi.

male intimate gel


Good intimate hygiene after each bowel movement will allow you, on the one hand, to save on toilet paper, avoid bad odors in the intimate area, and thus prevent problems with bacteria from feces that may remain in contact with our skin, which can be the cause of the annoying itching in the intimate area

Discover in this other article, why it is so necessary to use a specific intimate soap for men

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