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Article: Intimate soap for men. Why is it so necessary?

Intimate soap for men. Because it is necessary.

Intimate soap for men. Why is it so necessary?

Nowadays, more and more men are becoming aware of take care of our skin, not only that of our face, but also that of our body, and of course also that of our intimate area.

At the end of the day, the last thing we want is to have an intimate relationship where we are embarrassed to show our crown jewels because they are not in their best condition due to possible skin flaking, redness, damaged skin, etc.

In the same way that we use a shampoo for the hair, a shower gel for the body, and a toothpaste for oral cleaning, it is vital importance to use a product that meets the necessary characteristics to maintain the intimate area of men in perfect condition.

Intimate soap for men

As we have already mentioned in the previous articleOur Downstairs Fresh - Intimate soap for men, is not only formulated without sulfates, but also has the specific pH of the skin of the male intimate area.

It is very important to always use hygiene products with a pH as similar as possible to that of our skin, otherwise we destroy the natural protective barrier and in the long run this can cause problems such as those mentioned above..

In this way we will keep our always healthy and we will avoid bad smells, as well as itching in the intimate area. If this is your case, discover in this article the causes of itching and how to treat them

Intimate soap for men

The importance of male intimate hygiene

The pH of the intimate area of ​​man it is different from that of the rest of the body, and in turn different from the pH of the woman's intimate area.

Therefore, if you are a man, it is vitally important to always use a genital cleansing product (penis, testicles, anus) that has the specific pH for men like ours Downstairs Fresh.

In this article you will find more information about how to take care of the male intimate area.

You can buy our Downstairs Fresh through our online store or also through selected pharmacies.

Intimate wash for men

Are you a pharmacy?
You can request your intimate soap for men through Actibios.

Homo Naturals is the first 100% natural male cosmetics brand. We specialize in men's skin care with 100% natural products certified BIO + VEGAN. 

Skincare for men

We use only plant extracts, vegetable oils and essential oils in our formulations. We do not use petroleum derivatives or other controversial chemical agents in any of our products. 

We have facial creams for menas well as a best wrinkle cream formulated for men's skin body lotion, deodorantsand intimate wash Men. We also have an excellent natural lubricant water-based, which you can buy at a pack with special price together with your intimate soap

Discover on our website our anti-wrinkle cream specially formulated for men's skin


I need to buy the intimate bar soap for men. I have two sportsmen sons and the other soaps don't work for them and they recommended this one.

Mirian Leather

Hello Aldo, you can place your order in our online store. We make orders to the whole world and in orders over €60 there are no shipping costs.

We remain at your disposal for anything you need.




Hello, I am interested in the product, it looks very interesting and natural. I'm from Lima, Peru.

Aldo Degrees

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