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Discover Our easy to use Facial Treatment in 4 Steps for immediate results!

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Our 4 Step facial treatment consists of:

Step 1: Cleansing + Shaving 2-in-1: You can use it only as a cleanser too, but the dual functionality makes it very confortable to use, especially when you travel

Step 2: Fine Scrub: To be used once a week in the shower. Gel with apricot seeds, it's easy to remove and it's ideal to help your skin regenerate and to get a more uniform and supple skin.

Step 3: Facial Revitaliser + After-Shave: this 2-in-1 spray is great to sooth your skin after shaving and also superb to use it on your face after cleansing or scrubbing. It's also great to reduce excess grease on your skin.

Step 4: Our famous Youth Blend is available in Gel (for combination, mixed or oily skin) and in Cream (for normal to dry skin). This is an all-in-on formula with a shine-free effect. Both gel and cream are nourishing, firming and great antiaging products especifically for men's skin.