Natural & Organic body lotion and body care products for men

Range of 100% Natural & Organic certified body skincare products for men.

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Our body care products for men are:

Manly One: Shower gel + Shampoo 2-in-1. Sulfate free. Ideal for very frequent use. pH 5.5 and with skin-protecting ingredients only such as organic chamomile, aloe vera and calendula. Ideal also to sooth your skin after sun exposure.

Bare Man: The all-in-one lotion for men. You can use it as a body cream, facial cream or even hand cream. It is quickly absorbed and light texture makes it a very nourishing lotion for every kind of skin. Its formula contains hyaluronic acid and stem cells.

Downstairs Fresh: Intimate wash for men. The pH of our intimate area is different to the pH of women, and also different to the pH of the rest of our body. Therefore it is vital to use an intimate wash formulated with the specific pH value for men. You want to keep the jewels of the crown in good condition, don't you?

Sidekick: Range of alcohol free and synthetic aluminium free natural deodorants. With alum stone, great antibacterial natural ingredient.