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Save €15,80Anti-wrinkle cream kit for men. Anti-wrinkle cream for oily skin and anti-wrinkle cream for dry skin. Ideal summer and winter.
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Combination skin man

Combination skin is a combination of oily skin and normal skin. If you have combination skin, our recommendation is that combine a texture antiaging gel and a texture in Anti-aging cream.

One option is to use a texture anti wrinkle gel all over the face, and complement it with a texture anti wrinkle cream for the drier areas.

If you live in a climate with very marked seasonal changes, such as the Mediterranean climate, then we recommend combine gel and wrinkle cream throughout the year. use the anti wrinkle gel in summer, and the Anti-aging cream in winter. 

In spring and autumn times, or if you live in a climate where there are not such marked seasonal changes, then we recommend combining both textures during the day. For example, him gel in the morning and the Butter at night. 

Another ideal option is combine gel and wrinkle cream at the moment. That means mixing the gel and the cream in the palm of your hand, thus achieving a super moisturizing and nourishing emulsion for your skin.  

In conclusion, the combination of both textures can be done as follows:

  1. At the moment mixing the two and applying them in the form of an emulsion
  2. During the day, applying in the morning the gel and at night the cream
  3. During the year, applying in hotter times the gel, and in colder times the cream

If you're looking for comprehensive anti-wrinkle care for the whole year, one option is ours Anti-aging kit 365.

This anti-aging kit contains our Anti-Stress Gel and our Anti-Stress Cream, two great anti-aging formulas, each one with different active ingredients so that you can combine them to your liking. 

In any case, apply your antiaging gel or cream always after cleaning your skin with a respectful facial cleanser, and after tone it down with an alcohol-free spray.



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