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gift card for men
Gift card Offer priceFrom 20,00 €
Save €19,90Men's facial care kit. Facial cleanser, exfoliant, tonic and anti-wrinkle cream for oily skin. Natural, ecological and made in Spain.
4 Step Facial Treatment Offer price82,00 € Normal price101,90 €
Save €32,80Men's anti-wrinkle facial treatment with hyaluronic serum for oily skin. Fight facial aging
Facial Treatment + Anti-Aging Serum Offer price119,00 € Normal price151,80 €
Save €8,00Shaving kit for men with natural shaving cream and alcohol-free aftershave
Shaving Kit Offer price36,00 € Normal price44,00 €
Save €9,80Anti-wrinkle cream kit for men. Anti-wrinkle cream for oily skin and anti-wrinkle cream for dry skin. Ideal summer and winter.
Anti-aging Kit 365 Offer price62,00 € Normal price71,80 €
Save €17,80Anti-aging serums for men. With hyaluronic acid. Anti-stain function, pore refiner, sensitive and acne-prone skin. Natural, ecological and vegan.
Anti-Aging Serum Kit Offer price82,00 € Normal price99,80 €
Save €7,90Anti-wrinkle kit for oily skin
Facial Cleanser + Anti-Aging Gel or Cream Offer price49,00 € Normal price56,90 €
Save €14,90Facial care kit for oily skin for men with anti-wrinkle cream
Exfoliant + Anti-Aging Gel or Cream Offer price42,00 € Normal price56,90 €
Save €8,90Anti-wrinkle moisturizing cream kit for oily skin
Revitalizing Spray + Anti-Aging Gel or Cream Offer price49,00 € Normal price57,90 €
Save €13,80Moisturizing facial cream for men and eye contour
Anti-Aging Gel or Cream + Eye Contour Offer price62,00 € Normal price75,80 €
Save €14,80Men's facial moisturizer and contour to remove dark circles
Anti-aging Gel or Cream + Facial Corrector Offer price67,00 € Normal price81,80 €
Get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes on men skin
Save €13,80Anti-aging serum for men and anti-wrinkle cream for oily skin
Anti-Aging Serum + Anti-Aging Gel or Cream Offer price72,00 € Normal price85,80 €
Sulfate-free facial cleanser for men. Function 2 in 1 natural shaving cream. Bio certified and made in Spain
Facial scrub for men. With apricot kernels. No sulfates. Natural and ecological certificate. Made in Spain
Facial Scrub Offer price22,00 €
Men's facial toner. Natural and ecological. Without alcohol. Organic certificate. Calming after shave function. Made in Spain
Anti-aging facial serum for men with hyaluronic acid. Anti-blemish serum
Anti-Aging + Anti-Stain Serum Offer price49,90 €
Facial serum for men sensitive skin
Skin Recovery Serum Offer price49,90 €
Anti-aging cream for men oily skin
Anti-Stress Gel / Cream Offer price35,90 €
Roll-on eye contour for men with cold effect. Natural and ecological. Draining and decongestant to remove bags and dark circles. With hyaluronic acid to remove wrinkles around the eyes.
Roll-on Eye Contour Offer price39,90 €
Roll-on to remove dark circles around the eyes for men. With a touch of invisible color. With ingredients that activate circulation, the ideal anti-dark circles treatment. Natural and ecological certificate.
OfferShower gel for men. Natural and ecological. Shower gel + shampoo 2 in 1. Sulfate-free. pH 5. With chamomile. Soothing and dermoprotective. Bio and Vegan Certified
Shower Gel + Shampoo 2-in-1 Offer priceFrom 15,90 €
Body cream for men. Natural and certified organic. Nourishing and firming. With hyaluronic acid. Nonfat.
Body Cream for Men Offer price24,90 €
Hand cream for men
Hand Cream Offer price12,90 €
Save €8,80Anti-wrinkle cream for oily skin for men and body cream for men
Anti-Aging Gel or Cream + Body Cream Offer price52,00 € Normal price60,80 €
Save €6,80Ecological deodorant for men and natural shower gel
Shower Gel + Deodorant Kit Offer price22,00 € Normal price28,80 €
Save €4,80Shower gel and body cream kit for men. Natural and organic body care products for men
Shower Gel + Body Cream Kit Offer price36,00 € Normal price40,80 €
Save €7,00Body cream for men and hand cream for men
Body Cream + Hand Cream Offer price29,90 € Normal price36,90 €
Save €5,90Men's natural deodorant and hand cream
Deodorant + Hand Cream Kit Offer price19,90 € Normal price25,80 €
Save €7,90Organic deodorant for men in roll on and body cream for men
Body Cream + Deodorant Kit Offer price29,90 € Normal price37,80 €
Natural and ecological deodorant for men. Organic certificate.
Pure Mint Deodorant Offer price12,90 €
Natural, bio and vegan deodorant. Without aluminum and without alcohol. roll on
Wild Berries Deodorant Offer price12,90 €
Natural deodorant without aluminum.
Fresh Citrus Deodorant Offer price12,90 €
Natural roll-on deodorant for men. Bio and vegan certified
Lotus Deodorant Offer price12,90 €
Natural and ecological lavender deodorant. Without aluminum and without alcohol
Lavender Deodorant Offer price12,90 €
Natural deodorant for men without perfume
Fragrance-Free Deodorant Offer price12,90 €
Save €15,40Natural and ecological deodorants. Without aluminum and without alcohol.
Kit of 6 Natural Deodorants Offer price62,00 € Normal price77,40 €
Save €19,80Oily skin facial care kit for men with eye contour
Facial Treatment + Eye Contour Offer price122,00 € Normal price141,80 €
Save €18,80Men's facial care kit with anti-wrinkle cream for oily skin and eye contour to remove dark circles
Facial Treatment + Facial Corrector Offer price129,00 € Normal price147,80 €
Save €28,80Men's facial care kit with anti-wrinkle cream for oily skin and shower gel.
Facial Treatment + Shower Gel Offer price89,00 € Normal price117,80 €
Save €27,80Facial care kit for men with anti-wrinkle facial treatment for oily skin and body cream
Facial Treatment + Body Cream Offer price99,00 € Normal price126,80 €
Save €27,80Facial care kit with anti-wrinkle cream for oily skin and hand cream
Facial Treatment + Hand Cream Offer price87,00 € Normal price114,80 €
Save €3,90Shower gel and hand cream kit for men. Ideal gift for men
Shower Gel + Hand Cream Kit Offer price24,90 € Normal price28,80 €
Gift card for men



  1. Absolute flexibility: Allows the recipient to choose what they want from our wide range of products.
  2. Immediate delivery: Indicate the recipient's email and they will receive it in their inbox and with the personalized text you want. 
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Gifts for men


Discover here our section of Gifts for Men.
You will find a whole range of Grooming Kits and Skincare Kits for Men, ideal as gifts.

Men's skin has specific needs and requires products that are adapted to their skin type.

At HOMO NATURALS we are specialists in skincare for men.

Discover our range of 100% natural and organic men's skincare products. Discover our facial care, body care, deodorants, sunscreen e intimate hygiene

Add a premium toiletry bag and gift bag to your kit for only €6,90.

Ideal gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, for the invisible friend, for Christmas, for Valentine's Day and for Father's Day.