Cleanse + Care Combi or Oily Skin

Cleanse + Care Combi or Oily Skin

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Looking handsome, with a smooth and younger face, requires care with specific products for the skin of man.

We give you 2 steps to seduce and care for your skin:

STEP #1: Extra Gents, 2 in 1. Purifying cleansing and gentle shaving in a single product. Combat black spots and spots on the skin. Without sulfates-pH 5, 5.

STEP #4: Youth Blend Gel *, the all-in-one formula for men's skin for its select cocktail of natural vitamins. Exclusive formula n3 + without glitters.

It contains:

- Açai, the most powerful antioxidant in nature.

- Bio Hyaluronic Acid, moisturizing and firming.

- Extracts of vine and Rosehip, Great Anti-wrinkle.

- Coniferous extracts, tensor effect.

* Special for mixed or oily skin

The pack includes:

Extra Gents + Youth Blend GEL

Do you have normal or dry skin? We recommend Dry Skin Intense Daily Routine Pack

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