Assortment of 3 organic deodorants

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Assortment of 3 organic deodorants

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Assortment of 3 organic deodorants:

Choose your preferred combination of 3 different deodorants

90 ml each of them

Synthetic aluminium free + alcohol free

Kit de 3 Organic Deodorants

Choose any combination of 3 deodorants out of the 6 available fragrances

1. Free of synthetic aluminium and alcohol free. Not anti-perspirant. Let your skin breath in a healthy way.
2. With 100% natural alum stone, powerful antibacterial ingredient that does not let smelly bacteria proliferate in your armpit.
5. With Salvia + Rosemary extracts that regulate excess sweat.

  • Free of alcohol
  • Free of synthetic aluminium
  • Free of petroleum derived ingredients
  • Free of ethoxylated emulsifiers
  • Paraben free
  • 3 bottles of 90 ml each