4 Step Facial Treatment + Body Cream

4 Step Facial Treatment + Body Cream

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Complete facial treatment

4 Steps:

1. Detox Cleanser
2. Scrub
3. Revitalising Spray
4. Antiaging Gel or Cream

according to your skin type

What type of skin do I have?


Body Cream Bare Man

With quick absorption Formula

Facial treatment for men

4 Steps + Body Cream

Step 1. Extra Gent's: Daily Use

Detox Facial Cleanser
Natural Shaving Cream


Sulfate Free, pH 5.5

Step 2. X-Foliate: Weekly Use

Apricot scrub ideal to regenerate your skin.

Step 3. Cool Splash: Daily Use

Revitalizing facial Spray

Alcohol free Post Shave Spray


Step 4. Youth Blend Gel or Cream, you choose: Daily Use

Anti-Stress GEL, ideal for combination or oily skin


Anti-Stress CREAM, ideal for normal to dry skin

Exclusive Formula n3+: No Shine

What kind of skin do I have?


Body Cream Bare Man:

With quick absorption Formula

Contains hyaluronic acid, argan oil, abysinia and ginger and açai extracts.