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Our Story

The founder of HOMO NATURALS is a former corporate guy who, due to acute stress, and despite having combination skin, suffered from symptoms of dehydration, redness, and other skin problems. 

Organic anti-aging cream for men. Skincare for men.

Conventional skincare products could not solve the problem, since most products are formulated with petroleum-derived oils (such as paraffin, vaseline, etc...), which cause momentary hydration, but in the medium and long term they end up dehydrating the skin even more.

During the recovery process, he discovered the benefits of plant extracts and essential oils, which were rich in active ingredients, and whose fatty acids allowed deep absorption and a higher effectiveness than conventional skincare products.

However, during the research process, he found that all products on the market were dedicated to women, and that there were no natural skin care products for men.

The problem with using non-specific products for men is that so-called "unisex" products end up being too oily for men's skin and their absorption is not optimal.

Skincare for men and grooming products fo rmen. Anti-aging cream for men.

That is when he decided to train himself in natural skincare formulation, in Barcelona and London. Then, together with a team of chemists and pharmacists, they began to develop exclusive formulas for the skin of men.

And that's how HOMO NATURALS was born.

The First 100% Natural & Organic Skincare Brand for Men

Natural and ecological cosmetics with Bio and vegan certification
Skincare and grooming products for men