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The best brand bio sens dubte

The contour is amazing and the serum is also the best organic brand

Really good

This intimate hygiene gel makes that area feel really clean and soft, it also surprises me how the good smell remains even after hours.

Excellent quality

Like every month, it is not missing from my shopping list of personal care products. In my case, I like the cream format better, although the gel format is appreciated for its refreshing effect in summer. 100% recommendable.

Robert RS
perfect buy

Leaves skin feeling spectacular


A great success. Nothing greasy.



A real find

After years of trying Skincare routines with various brands that felt good to me but did not satisfy me or caused some kind of reaction on my skin, I discovered Homonaturals by chance on the internet looking for something new. It caught my attention that, indeed, all its ingredients were natural and the different products by very promising steps. I ordered the pack four steps plus serum. The result? A real find. Each product does what it promises (the cleanser, the wonderful and relaxing scrub that I apply twice a week; the revitalizing splash, which is the best and most innovative thing I've ever applied; the serum, which absorbs very well and it is not at all reactive: quite the opposite, and the gel, refreshing and moisturizing with a really attractive smell of natural essence.

After a first order, I decided to try the step I was missing: the roll-on eye contour, with a result as positive as the rest of the products.

Homonaturals has come to stay with me forever. They also offer discounts as loyalty (if they didn't, it wouldn't matter because the products are totally worth it).

In short: a gift for the man's face and neck.


excellent product, I recommend it 100%

My favorite

The cream in winter and the gel in summer, my favorite creams from years ago! And vegan. Bravo!

I like the brand, because it doesn't have as many chemicals as many brands nowadays.

Its description informs: Also ideal for mature skin. So it's perfect for me, who's been here for 57 years. The
Wood fragrance I like too. Not too strong.

Fresh and super moisturizing gel

I have been using the gel format for a long time. It leaves your skin feeling very fresh and its daily use hydrates the skin of the face and gives luminosity. I like it!

nice smell

Deodorant with molt good smell, warm and masculine. Both small amounts protect the whole day

optimal hydration

Magnificent hydration cream for the whole day. With a small amount there is enough for the whole face

100% recommended

Your products are perfect, I have been using them for years and I have no complaints. 100% recommendable.

excellent deodorant

It is a deodorant that protects you all day, does not stain clothes and does not irritate the skin. I highly recommend them!

Very good product

I started using it recently and the results are immediate, I notice greater hygiene in the area.

phenomenal product

Soft on the skin, good smell and leaves a great feeling of hygiene

phenomenal product

Before I used the same gel for all parts of the body but with this one I have noticed a lot of difference. More freshness for longer, more sensation of cleanliness, hygiene and freshness. I will keep buying it.

night coolness

I have been using the eye contour since it arrived a few days ago. It is refreshing, I like the aroma of grass, of the countryside and it gives me a calming sensation before going to bed.

good quality products

Fast shipping and correct delivery.
Good quality men's products. I recommend them

Complete kit to take care of face and body

I am so much happy with the kit of 4 products for facial care, and also with the body cream. The facial care products are easy to apply, and it's great that they are made with natural ingredients. The body cream leaves a sensation of freshness and hydration that lasts for many hours, and has a great scent, which I love.

The perfect wash for the jewels of the crown :-)

I used to have irritations in my private parts and thought it was inevitable, due to sweat and my type of underwear. Since I have tried this specific wash of the Homo Naturals brand, the irritations and itching have completely disappeared, and I feel great all day long, whether I sweat or not, or if I wear underwear or not.

Good product, meets expectations.

It would be convenient to make containers with more capacity and thus distance the frequency of orders.

Good results

I bought a kit of 6 natural deodorants and I am very happy with the result, they last a long time and do not irritate. Great purchase!

Good quality

At the moment I have only been able to test the anti-aging gel. It's quite light and nice, it dries quickly and leaves you feeling soft and nice. I hope the cream version is just as good.