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Anti-Stress Cream

Offer price35,90 €


Improve your appearance, defy time and elevate your facial care with the best anti-wrinkle cream for men

  • Discover the innovative men's facial care solution that will take your appearance to new heights.
  • Exclusive n3+ complex: nourishes, regenerates and firms in a single product.

Shine-free formula

  1. With organic Gingko Biloba extract: Nutritive and powerful anti-aging contribution.
  2. Stimulates the growth of new cells with organic Shea Butter. Rich in Allantoin and Provitamin A (great antioxidants). 
  3. With organic jojoba: Firming agent rich in ceramides, the cement that holds our skin cells together. 
  4. With plant-based hyaluronic acid. 
  5. With Vitamins C and E. Their joint action facilitates the creation of Collagen and Elastin. 
  6. With avocado nut oil. It is the most nutritious vegetable oil that exists (it contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E...). 

Discover its aromatherapy thanks to woody essential oils, which are both great anti-wrinkles.

Natural and ecological cosmetics with Bio and vegan certification
100% Natural. Organic + Vegan anti-aging cream.
  • Free from petroleum derivatives, paraffins or silicones
  • Free from ethoxylated emulsifiers
  • Free from parabens or synthetic preservatives
  • Free from synthetic dyes
  • Alcohol-free
  • Certified organic glass bottle free from heavy metals

50 ml

The best anti-aging cream for the skin of men

Do you have oily skin?

Discover our ANTI-STRESS GEL

texture on anti-aging gel Ideal for men's oily skin.

Combine the Gel and Cream textures with our ANTI-AGING KIT 365

Powerful anti-aging treatment for every day of the year.

How to combine both textures?

  1. At the moment mixing the two and applying them in the form of an emulsion
  2. During the day, applying the gel in the morning and the cream at night
  3. During the year, applying the gel in hotter times, and in colder times the cream.  
Anti-aging cream for men
Anti-Stress Cream Offer price35,90 €

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Gel with good properties

I have been using the gel for several days and am happy with the product. Feeling of skin hydration

Victor JHP
Use products for men

I have been using products for my face from different brands for many years and I have to say that homonaturals is one of the ones that is closest to what I need. Even in other parts of the body.


The best creams I have ever tried.

Cesar AR
The best I've ever tried

Great, it does its job very well.

Jesus S.
Very good

I started using it four days ago so I can only give an opinion on first impressions.
It is absorbed very well, it is fresh, it does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin, it leaves a matte effect that I really like since I hate shine on my face, so I really like it, as for the other benefits I will have to wait for it. spend some time.

I recommend it.