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Anti-Aging + Anti-Stain Serum

Offer price49,90 €


2-in-1 facial serum


Deep anti-aging action + anti-dark spots treatment

The secret to radiant, blemish-free skin that defies the passage of time

1. Discover the innovation and rejuvenating power of our Duo Hyaluronic Complex: Two carefully selected hyaluronic acids, low molecular weight and very low molecular weight, that merge in a unique synergy to penetrate deeply into your skin and offer you a high performance anti-aging treatment.

2. Experience the revolution in skin care with our w3+ complex, designed to prevent and treat spots and other signs of skin photoaging.

3. Let yourself be captivated by its effectiveness and discover how your skin recovers its desired luminosity and uniformity. 

4. Immerse yourself in the sublime lightness of our texture, specially formulated to adapt to all skin types. Whether you have oily, combination, normal or dry skin, this serum will become your perfect ally.

Natural and ecological cosmetics with Bio and vegan certification
Discover the anti-wrinkle power of our exclusive Hyaluronic Duo complex, of plant origin, which intensively hydrates and rejuvenates your skin.

With our exclusive w3+ complex, made up of kojic acid, licorice extract and phytic acid, it challenges skin blemishes with a powerful and effective depigmenting action.

Use it as anti-stain prevention and don't let them affect your beauty.

Recover the luminosity and clarity of your skin with confidence.

Radiant, blemish-free skin

The power of nature and science come together to offer you rejuvenated, luminous and protected skin.

Discover the luxury of an impeccable face and boast a timeless beauty.

100% Natural

Organic + Vegan certified

  • Free from petroleum derivatives, paraffins or silicones
  • Free from ethoxylated emulsifiers
  • Free from parabens or synthetic preservatives
  • Free from synthetic dyes
  • Alcohol-free
  • Certified organic glass bottle free from heavy metals


50 ml

Anti-aging facial serum for men with hyaluronic acid. Anti-blemish serum
Anti-Aging + Anti-Stain Serum Offer price49,90 €

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Cesar AR
Phenomenal product

Very good product at a good price

Joaquim V.
It accomplishes its mission

For now, molt bé. Easy to apply and the peel is perfect. To know if the taps are reduced, I have to wait one more minute.


The skin regenerates. Fantastic.


I had not tried the serum.
Refreshing, ideal texture, not greasy
All HOMO products are truly what they specify
There are quite a few products that I have used and I have not been disappointed at all
I think it is one of the most relevant brands for men's skin
By the way, customer service is really incredible, it takes 1 minute to clear up any questions you may have. Both product and attention cannot be asked for more. 🔝

Manual CP
Very excellent

Very good products in general