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Anti-aging Gel or Cream + Facial Corrector

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Anti-aging gel or cream + eye contour

  • Same active ingredients to comprehensively fight against wrinkles, bags and dark circles.


Choose your favorite texture depending on skin type, or season of the year



Ideal for oily / combination skin
Ideal in hot or humid climates,
or in summer

Ideal for normal / dry skin
Ideal in dry or cold climates,
or in winter

- With Conifers extract for a great
lifting effect.

Oily skin tends to have fewer wrinkles
but earlier sagging.

Thanks to the lifting
effect from its coniferous extract,
we prevent early
skin sagging
of combination and oily skins

- With Vine and Rosehip

- With plant-sourced hyaluronic acid

- With organic Aloe Vera

- With Gingko Biloba,
perfect for anti-aging.

- With Shea butter,
perfect for regenerating skin cells.

- With organic Jojoba,
firming ingredient, rich in ceramides,
the cement that keeps
together the cells of our skin.

- With plant-sourced hyaluronic acid

- With avocado extract, great
nourishing ingredient.
It contains vitamins
A, B1, B2, C, D, E...

Mythical mint
refreshing based on
essential oils
100% pure
Mythical wood
mythical based
of essential oils
100% pure
Ideal for young skin Ideal for mature skin

What type of skin do I have?



Facial concealer 
Eye contour

With a touch of invisible color
Ideal to show off your best face
to correct dark circles

Natural, ecological and vegan cosmetics.

Free from petroleum-derived ingredients
Free from parabens and other synthetic preservatives
Free from ethoxylated emulsifiers
Free from synthetic dyes
Not tested on animals

All our products are manufactured only with premium quality plant extracts of first quality, cold-pressed vegetable oils and 100% pure essential oils.


Men's facial moisturizer and contour to remove dark circles
Anti-aging Gel or Cream + Facial Corrector Offer price59,00 € Normal price80,80 €

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