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Detox Facial Cleansing + Gentle Shave 2-in-1

Offer price22,00 €


Discover the definitive experience in men's facial care, the facial cleanser + shaving cream 2-in-1.

Specially designed for demanding men, this revolutionary product combines two essential functions in one product exceptional:

Detox Facial Cleanser

  1. Immediate detox effect for a deep purifying cleansing.
  2. Ideal to combat blackheads and remove toxins from your face.
  3. With sea salt, a source of minerals that help regenerate your skin.

Recommended for oily skin, combination skin, normal skin and dry skin


Shaving cream

  1. Its creamy texture softens your beard better and facilitates a smoother shave, allowing a effortless glide.
  2. In addition, it allows you to control the line of your beard with more precision to achieve a impeccable and more precise shave.
  3. Enriched with Aloe Vera and organic Chamomile,  Dermoprotective ingredients that soothe and care for your skin during shaving.
  • Sulfate-free
    With pH 5.5

  • With the aromatherapy of 100% pure essential oils.
    Natural and ecological cosmetics with Bio and vegan certification

  • 100% natural product
  • Organic + vegan certified
  • Free from parabens and other synthetic preservatives
  • Free from synthetic fragrances
  • Free from ethoxylated emulsifiers
  • Certified organic glass bottle free from heavy metals

70 ml

The complete facial care experience for demanding men

Frequent questions:

6 aspects that a good facial cleanser for men must meet

Sulfate-free facial cleanser for men. Function 2 in 1 natural shaving cream. Bio certified and made in Spain
Detox Facial Cleansing + Gentle Shave 2-in-1 Offer price22,00 €

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Best to clean face

Quick cleaning and your face notices it

two in one great

Cleans and shaves at the same time, very fresh aroma, leaves the skin new. To improve the packaging, it breaks easily.

Ferran V.

I think it would be better to package everything in material that is not glass (I don't know if it is plastic that they use for the others) because it breaks easily and pieces of glass in the bathroom... ...are not highly recommended.

Raúl VM

Excellent products. Very satisfied with prices, offers, and above all, unbeatable customer service and advice.
Robert a true professional.
Shipping: fast and secure.
Recommended 100x100
Thank you for everything, it's a pleasure to work with you.

Lluís T.

Face that I have not found the most correct way to use it, I use it periodically, unfortunately because of my beard, I have to go back and forth between the water that heats up from time to time, since it forces me 'afaitat "in sec."
De fet la recomanaria per barbes suàs, amb pel fí, més que per barbes grixudes i fortes