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Article: Tips to prevent and avoid itching on the body

Tips to prevent and avoid itching on the body
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Tips to prevent and avoid itching on the body

Do you have itching in different parts of the body and you don't know what it is due to?

In summer, with the sun and frequent baths, your skin dehydrates more easily. When your skin dries out, these annoying itches usually appear.

Of course, if you notice that you have some type of rash or pruritus, go to the dermatologist or pharmacy to rule out that it is not some type of pathology.


But it is very common that after the summer season our skin dries out more than usual and those itches appear, especially when getting out of the shower.

Take that as a warning. Your skin is telling you that it urgently needs hydration.

Of course, do it with one body cream that does not contain petroleum derivatives, such as paraffins, or silicone oils, since there are numerous studies that show that their moisturizing effect is momentary, but that they end up drying the skin even more. 

It is important to remember that your skin ages when it dries out. And this statement is valid, both for your body and for your face. That is why we always say that the best anti-aging treatment is a good body moisturizer for your body and a good facial cream for your face.

Small aside: itching is less common on your face, but that does not mean that your skin is not drying out and, therefore, aging.

On the face, the most common thing is to notice that your skin gets tight after a shower. If this happens to you, you must act immediately to prevent wrinkles from appearing prematurely.

For this we recommend our Anti-Stress Gel o Anti-Stress Creamdepending on your skin type. Our anti-wrinkle solution is 100% natural, and is formulated for the needs of men's skin.


But returning to the itching of our body... our 2 main tips To prevent your skin from drying out, they are:

  • use only one sulfate-free shower gel, like our Manly One. We will talk in another video about what sulfates are and why it is so important to avoid them. That is why it is important that you do not continue and be up to date on all the care that men's skin needs. Our Manly One It also contains dermoprotective and soothing ingredients, making it ideal if you shower frequently.
  • Hydrate your body with a good body cream like ours Bare Man. It is formulated for men's skin, so that it is easy to apply and quickly absorbed, and also does not contain petroleum derivatives and is certified organic and vegan.

Remember you must hydrate your body regularly, preferably after each shower.  

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