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Article: 7 Characteristics of men's skin

Man skin characteristics

7 Characteristics of men's skin

The main reason for using skin care products specifically for men is that our skin, in general, differs from that of women.

And unless you live in northern Europe or in an area with a very cold climate, if you live in a hot or temperate climate, it will be even more necessary for you to use specific products to avoid adding more oil to your skin than it you need or products that can end up generating more sagging in the long run.

We have already talked in another article about the differences between men's skin and women's skin.

As we mentioned, as a general rule, men's skin tends to be more lipidic (that means more oily or that creates more sebaceous secretion) and also thicker.

In addition, frequent shaving subjects our skin and can unbalance our skin and cause peeling, redness and other problems that using the right products can be solved.

Below you have a more detailed list with the differences between men's skin and women's skin.


1. It has more sebaceous glands, that means it generates more sebum or what is commonly known as more oily skin.

That is why it is important to use a light facial cream or gel format that does not provide more fat than necessary and that the facial tonic is sebum-regulating.

2. Due to this sebaceous secretion, men's skin is also usually somewhat better hydrated than women's.

Therefore, the appearance of wrinkles is later and in this way visible aging appears later. However, when it does, it does so more suddenly, so it is important to delay this aging process as much as possible and try to make it as slow as possible.

3. This excess sebum also tends to easily cause more acne. That is why it is important to use non-comodogenic creams, that is, they do not cause comedones, or acne.

It is best to use a facial moisturizer without silicones or petroleum derivatives, since these ingredients create an occlusive barrier on your skin that does not allow it to breathe.

This is not healthy, and can cause comedones or blackheads. Use only natural or ecological creams that are formulated only with vegetable oils and plant extracts whose fatty acids adapt much better to your skin while letting it breathe.

4. Men's skin is usually thicker than women's. That means your face cream should be light and fast-absorbing.

5. It usually has more collagen, so the aging process is slower and wrinkles appear later than in women.

6. The size of the pores is usually larger in men. This means that it is easier for impurities to accumulate in men's skin and that is why it is important to carry out at least a daily purifying cleansing and a weekly exfoliation.

In any case, your facial cleanser should not only cleanse deeply, but it should also be as respectful as possible, since a very aggressive cleanser can unbalance your skin and if it is oily skin, it can react by generating even more sebum.

7. Due to its thickness and sebaceous secretion, men's skin tends to sweat more. In principle, you shouldn't worry too much about it, but it is true that this sweat can make you feel uncomfortable and unclean.

That is why it is important to use a gel or facial cream that is mattifying and thus avoid shine on your skin.


We can say that it is important that you use products with specific textures for men's skin.

A face cream that is not formulated specifically for men can end up generating more oil than necessary on your skin and, in the long run, more flaccidity.

A facial toner for men is one that also has a sebum-regulating action, like our Cool Splash.

And a facial cleanser should also be formulated for men's skin, so that it deeply cleanses those more open pores described above but does so without unbalancing it too much, which could cause a rebound effect, causing our skin to generate even more oil.

That is why our facial creams are specifically formulated for the characteristics described above of men's skin.

Of course there is not a single texture or a single facial cream for men, but the ideal thing is that the facial cream you use, in addition to being formulated for men, is also formulated specifically for your skin type (oily, mixed, normal skin). or dry).

If you need to know what type of skin you have, in this article you will find more information.

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Homo Naturals is the first brand of 100% natural male cosmetics.

Our products are certified organic and we have a specific facial treatment for men's skin, as well as body cream, hand cream, deodorants and intimate soap.

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